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Weather for Christmas Eve. Awaiting us is the “frost versus heat war”

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The weather has been freezing cold in recent days. It turns out that the temperature change will occur exactly on Christmas Eve. As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski said in the program “Get up and you know”, on that day warmer air will enter Poland for a moment. What exactly does this mean for us?

The night from Tuesday to Wednesday turned out to be extremely frosty. In the morning in Suwałki, thermometers showed -16 degrees Celsius. As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter, Tomasz Wasilewski, said, there was also a severe frost in many other places in the country.

– Why is it like that? Well, I have such a high, stretching from Scandinavia to the Balkans or Turkey. And as a result, very cold and frosty air flows to many places in Europe. This is the current situation, which will continue on Thursday, said Wasilewski.

Poland is located on the eastern, frosty side of the high-rise belt.

– At the same time, this high is an impassable barrier for the warmer air that flows from the Atlantic. It goes to the north, and not to Central Europe and Poland, precisely because it encounters such a “wall” in the form of this high rampart. So we’re on the cold, frosty side, and for now it’s frost, and that’s not gonna change.

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Weather for Christmas Eve. The fight of heat and frost

The situation is to change on Christmas Eve. As Wasilewski said, the “wall” will be pierced by coming from the north than.

– And he will travel from the north on Christmas Eve to Poland, and the situation will look like this – exactly over the north of the country will be the center of the lowland and its two atmospheric fronts – warm and cool. This means a weather war on Christmas Eve for us. Because behind this cool front, very cold Arctic air will be creeping in from the north. So here we have frost again and a cold coming in from the north. On the other side of this lowland, warm air from the south will flow. So for a moment on Christmas Eve, in many places the temperature will rise above zero – said the presenter.

The warming will be short-lived, because ultimately than the frost from the north will bring us, it will be the cold that will begin to prevail.

– So this warming, which will hit the south of our country and the center on Christmas Eve, will literally last several hours – he said. He added that perhaps we will be able to see around 5 degrees Celsius on the thermometers.

Difficult travel conditions

Wasilewski also mentioned that due to the presence of the lowlands, in some regions of Poland it may snow heavily and snow with rain. Therefore, everyone who goes on a trip, especially on the night of Thursday to Friday, should be especially careful on the roads.

What exactly will the “war frost versus heat” look like on Christmas Eve? The border between the heat from the south and the cold from the north will cross over Poland.

– Currently, it looks like these two very different masses of air will come into contact over our country on Christmas Eve. So there will be snowfall and snowfall with rain, there will be terrible road conditions and there will be a temporary thaw, i.e. a transition from minus to plus and immediately from plus to minus. It will be a time of much rainfall and weather events. For us, from the meteorological point of view, very interesting, but difficult in the case of everyday life – summed up Wasilewski.

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather on Christmas Evetvnmeteo.pl

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