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Weather for five days. Weather for the weekend. Will it be sunny?

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As befits April, we will have mixed weather until the end of the week. Several zones of precipitation will pass over Poland, and in some places colder air will enter, lowering the temperature to 8 degrees Celsius. However, it is not worth hiding lighter clothes deep in the wardrobe – the closer to the end of the week, the higher the values, up to 27 degrees, we will see on thermometers.

Next night, the eastern part of the country will be under the influence of the Scandinavian high pressure wedge, tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk said. It will reduce rainfall in the eastern part of Poland, but it will also bring cold air, with the inflow of which the bars on thermometers in the north-eastern regions will show negative or close to zero values.

From the west, a warm front zone associated with the “Quilla” low from the North Sea will approach Poland. The front will bring heavy cloudiness, accompanied by light rainfall in places. Warmer air will flow in from the southwest behind the front. During the day, the low will approach the Danish Straits, and the warm front will move to the center and then further to the east of the country. In the second part of the day, a cold front will again enter the western regions, this time bringing with it another dose of precipitation.

Temperature forecast for the period 4-8/04ventusky.com

Weather for Thursday and Friday

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Thursday will be cloudy throughout the country, but in southern Poland there may be temporary clearing and clearing in the afternoon. Light rainfall of less than 5 liters of rain per square meter is expected at times. Thermometers will show from 8 degrees Celsius in the Suwałki region to 16 degrees C in Lower Silesia. A weak and moderate wind will blow from the south, only stronger from time to time in the southwest, reaching speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

On Friday, it will be sunny only in the southwestern regions, while in the rest of the country the sky will be cloudy. In the east, additional local, passing rainfall of up to 1-3 l/sq m is expected. The temperature will range from a maximum of 11 degrees C in the Suwałki region to 19 degrees C in Lower Silesia. The west wind will be light and moderate.

Weather for the weekend

Saturday promises to be sunny – only in eastern Poland there will be slightly more clouds with light, passing rain below 3 l/m2. Thermometers will show from 17 degrees C in the north-east of the country to 23 degrees C in the south-west. Light and moderate winds will blow from the west.

Sunday will be filled with sunny, cheerful weather, although it will be foggy in the east in the morning. The maximum temperature will range from 21 degrees C in the Suwałki region to 27 degrees C in Lower Silesia. The wind from the south will be light and moderate.

Weather for Monday

A generally sunny and sunny Monday is expected across the country. Only in the Szczecin Lowland there will be more clouds, but there will be no rain. Thermometers will indicate from 20 degrees C in Western Pomerania to 26 degrees C in Podkarpacie. A light to moderate wind will blow from the south.

Rainfall forecast for the period 4-8/04

Rainfall forecast for the period 4-8/04ventusky.com

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