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Weather for the 16 days. Weather Tomasz Wasilewski. What’s the weather like at the beginning of February? Something unexpected will happen with winter

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At the turn of January and February, i.e. the two most winter months, exceptionally warm air will flow to Poland. Check out the author’s, long-term weather forecast by Tomasz Wasilewski.

Such a weather scenario will be written primarily by the lows, which in the coming days will wander through the northern part of the continent. Along with these lowlands, warm, Atlantic air will move from west to east, which will make us feel a strong thaw throughout the country. The heat from the west will penetrate deep into Europe without any major obstacles, because for some time an obstacle in the form of a frosty boom from the east will disappear (see the map).

The baric situation in Europe

Weather for the 16 days

At the beginning of the week in eastern Poland there will be a slight frost, but in the west of the country the thermometers will show as much as 4-5 degrees Celsius above zero. Later, at the end of the month, there will be almost no frost, and it is expected to be as high as 6 degrees in the west. A similar, and therefore unusually warm weather will also be maintained in the first days of February, and we will feel a slight cooling after February 5 – then, with the exception of western Poland and the coast, a slight frost will hit.

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Next 16-day temperature forecast for this Sunday.

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