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Weather for the long weekend in June 2023

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The weather in the coming days promises to be dynamic. Thunderstorms will pass through some parts of the country. It will cool down for a while, there will be regions where thermometers will not show more than 16 degrees Celsius at the hottest time of the day. Strong gusts of wind will be felt in places.

Weather for the weekend

On Saturday, in the south-eastern voivodships, heavy cloud cover is forecast with rainfall up to 10 liters of water per square meter. They are possibly there as well storms, which may be accompanied by rainfall of 10-25 l/sq m, wind gusts up to 60-80 km/h, and locally also hail. In other regions there will be little to moderate cloudiness. On thermometers we will see a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius in Podkarpacie to 29 degrees C in Lubuska Land. The wind will be light to moderate, north-easterly. In some places its gusts may be stronger.

Sunday will bring showers and thunderstorms to the inhabitants of Małopolska and Podkarpacie (with precipitation up to 10-20 l/sq m and wind gusts up to 60-80 km/h). Also, it should be mostly sunny. The maximum temperature will be from 19 degrees C in the Suwałki Region to 26 degrees C in Lower Silesia. There will be a moderate and at times stronger wind from the north-east.

Forecasted temperature on 10-14.06ventusky.com

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Weather next week

Monday will be sunny only in the west and in the center. The rest of the country will be shrouded in cloudy skies with occasional showers. The maximum temperature will range from 17 degrees C in the Suwałki Region to 26 degrees C in Lower Silesia. Weak to moderate winds from the east. It may be windy at times.

Tuesday in the south and in the center promises to be rainy. In the rest of the country, the day promises to be sunny. Thermometers will show a maximum of 16 degrees C in Lower Silesia to 24 degrees C in Pomerania. East wind blows weakly and moderately. It can get stronger at times.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy in the north. In the rest of the country there will be showers and thunderstorms (with precipitation up to 10-30 l/sq m and wind gusts up to 60-80 km/h). The maximum temperature will be from 21 degrees C in the Suwałki Region to 25 degrees C in the Szczecin Lowland. Light to moderate winds will blow from the east, with periods of stronger winds.

Forecasted rainfall on 10-14.06

Forecasted rainfall on 10-14.06ventusky.com

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