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Weather for the May weekend 2023. The beginning of the May weekend with showers. “It will be a one-day situation”

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The weather in Poland is shaped by two centers of high pressure – one is located in the north of the continent, the other – in the south-east. In the zone between them it is sunny but cool. The aura, however, will change with the approaching low from the west. It will bring showers to many parts of the country on Saturday. – It will be a one-day situation, because later, on Sunday, it will go further east and the weather will improve – said Tomasz Wasilewski, tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

The aura in Poland is shaped by two highlands. One of them is located over Scandinavia, the other – over Central and South-Eastern Europe. – It’s clear in the zone between the highlands, but the temperature in the morning in Warmia and Masuria it fell to -5 degrees Celsius – said the weather presenter Tomasz Wasilewski in “You get up and know” on TVN24.

On the other hand, in the west of the continent, over the Atlantic, there is the center of the low pressure and the atmospheric fronts associated with it. “One of these fronts, a warm weather front, will approach our western border on Friday, resulting in increased cloud cover and rainfall over the coming hours,” the presenter noted. He added that it is also important that Spain and southern France were in the warm section of the previously mentioned low. – It is in this warm sector that hot air flows to Portugal and Spain. Meanwhile, we get the cold that came from Scandinavia – explained the tvnmeteo.pl presenter

Weather situation on Fridaytvnmeteo.pl

Rainy Saturday. The weather will improve later

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The weather will be bad on Saturday. The low, which is in the west of Europe, and the atmospheric fronts departing from it will gradually move east.

– On Saturday, this low pressure will move towards Central Europe and its atmospheric fronts will be in our part of the continent. We can expect rainfall there. – That is why Saturday, i.e. the beginning of the picnic, promises to be rainy in many places – added Tomasz Wasilewski. He explained that these two highs will move east, towards Ukraine. – This best weather will move away from us – he noted. – It will be a one-day situation, because later, on Sunday, he will go further east than himself and the weather will improve – said Wasilewski.

The weather on Saturdaytvnmeteo.pl

The heat record for April was broken for Europe

A new heat record for April in Europe was broken in Spain on Thursday. In Córdoba, thermometers showed 38.7 degrees Celsius.

– Never before in the history of our continent has there been such a temperature in April – said Wasilewski. He added that this is not the end of the heatwave in the Iberian Peninsula. Probably on Friday and Saturday this record will be broken again. The high temperature in Spain is associated with the influx of hot air from North Africa. – This Saharan heat has made its way to Europe and from here it is almost 39 degrees – noted the tvnmeteo.pl presenter

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather for the May weekendTVN24

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