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Weather for the next few days. Frost, snowfall and sleet rain. The temperature will rise over the weekend

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Frost, up to several degrees, will last in Poland until Thursday. The temperature at the weekend in some parts of Poland will rise above freezing. The weather forecast for the next few days shows snowfall, also of an intense nature.

During the next 24 hours, Poland will be under the influence of the high pressure system from the Baltic States. Wednesday will be marked by the impact of Harry’s deep low pressure system from the British Isles, with the occlusion front zone (where the cold front meets the warm front) over German territory. Cool Arctic air will flow into the north-eastern part of the country, while a slightly warmer, milder mass of polar-sea air will flow over the western regions.

Weather on Wednesday, December 8: frost everywhere

On Wednesday, in the south, west and partly in the center of the country, cloudy weather will be predominant with local clearances and clearances, in the morning there may be little snowfall in these regions. For the north and north-east, numerous lightening is forecast, including in the region of Suwałki and Olsztyn to a small and cloudless sky.

The maximum temperature will be from -7 to -5 degrees Celsius in the north-eastern part of the country, to -2 and -1 degrees C in the west and south. The wind in the east of the country will be weak and northeast, and in the west moderate, quite strong in gusts, in the south-east.

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Weather forecast for Thursday and Fridaytvnmeteo.pl

Weather Thursday, December 9: frost and snowfall, intense in places

On Thursday, the weather forecasters also predict the predominance of cloudy weather. From the west into the country, a zone of light and moderate snow will move, but it may turn out to be intense temporarily. It will drop by 6 to 10 centimeters, especially in Lower Silesia. Snow can fall poorly in the morning in the region of north-eastern Poland, freezing rainfall is possible there as well. The risk of their occurrence also exists in the second part of the day in the south and south-east.

Thermometers will show a maximum of -5 to -4 degrees C in the north-eastern regions, down to -1 or 0 degrees C in the south and west. A moderate southeast wind will blow.

Forecasted temperature in the following daysVentusky

Weather on Friday, December 10: clearing up

Snow, wet in places, can rain heavily during the night from Thursday to Friday and on Friday in the morning. Precipitation is expected in the east, north and center of the country. During the day, numerous lightening is forecast from the west, and rainfall and full cloud cover will remain only in the east, but it will rain slightly.

The temperature will reach a maximum of -1 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 0 degrees C in the center, to 0-2 degrees C in the southern and western belt. The wind will be weak, in the west southwest and southeast in the east.

Weather forecast for Saturday and Sundaytvnmeteo.pl

Forecasted rainfall in the next days

Forecasted rainfall in the next daysVentusky

Weather forecast for the weekend

On Saturday morning, cloudy and foggy weather awaits us all over the country, with local clearances during the day. Locally, light snowfall and sleet rains are possible. On thermometers in all regions we will see a maximum of -1 to 1 degrees C. There will be a weak, variable wind.

Sunday promises to be similar. In the morning it will be cloudy with fogs throughout Poland, and during the day you can expect brightening in places. In the Podkarpacie region it snows and rains with sleet, freezing precipitation is also possible. The maximum temperature throughout the country will be from -2 to 0 degrees C. The wind will be weak and changeable.

Forecasted gusts of wind in the following days

Forecasted gusts of wind in the following daysVentusky

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / VASSIL DONEV, Ventusky

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