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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Weather for the weekend. Frosty morning in part of the country. The taller throws cold air. Tomasz Wasilewski translates on TVN24

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A frosty morning in the east of the country is behind us. In some places the temperature dropped to -1 degrees Celsius. All thanks to the eastern boom located near Moscow. As Tomasz Wasilewski explained on TVN24, this condition in the weather will stay with us for the next few days.

The morning in the eastern regions of Poland greeted some with a slight frost. In Białystok or Siedlce, at 6 o’clock the thermometers showed -1 degrees Celsius.

Frosty morning in Poland

– This frosty air broke into Poland, going through Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is so cold that in the vicinity of Moscow this morning the temperature dropped to -4 degrees. This coldness is moving from the east to the west – Tomasz Wasilewski, the tvnmeteo.pl weather presenter, explained the current weather situation on TVN24 in the TVN24 program.

Temperature on October 8 at 6wetteronline.de

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Temperature in Europe in the morningtvnmeteo.pl

It’s warm in Western Europe

The situation is completely different in Western Europe. There, in the British Isles, the morning temperature reached 15 degrees. Why is this happening?

– In the vicinity of Moscow, there is the center of the boom and it (clockwise – ed.) Throws this cold and frosty air into Central Europe – Wasilewski described. The presenter noted, however, that frost may still be an exaggeration, because so far it appears only at night. – But on the other side, over Iceland and the Atlantic Ocean there is than. It brings in warm air from the Atlantic. That’s why it’s 15 degrees in the morning in Britain. Because we are under the influence of this eastern boom, our morning temperature dropped to -1 degrees in the east – added the presenter.

The baric situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Sunny, but frosty at night

The zone that separates frost from heat will run roughly on the Polish-German border. – Everything that will be east of this line, all countries and areas will be under the influence of this Russian boom, and to the west of us there will be warm, Atlantic air – said the presenter.

How long will this condition last in the weather? – Until Monday we have beautiful and sunny weather. The air will be dry, that is sunny and clear, but at the same time with cold air from the east – concluded Wasilewski.

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in EuropeTVN24

Main photo source: tvnmeteo.pl/Shutterstock

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