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Weather for the weekend. Than Khang will bring snow, blowing and gusty winds. Extremely difficult conditions

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In the coming days, we will have a real hit of winter. According to weather forecast tvnmeteo.pl Damian Zdonek, over the weekend we can expect snowfall, sometimes intense. In addition, blizzards, fog and – consequently – very difficult road conditions are announced. How long will the winter attack last?

In the coming days, Poland will be under the influence of the secondary Khang low, which, together with the system of active atmospheric fronts, will move from Podkarpacie into the country, the weather forecaster told tvnmeteo.pl Damian Zdonek. This system, powered by very humid, warm air from the Black Sea, will bring moderate to heavy, continuous snow and wet snowfall almost throughout the country. The forecast sum of precipitation will be from 5-10 centimeters in the west and north to 10-15 cm in other regions of Poland, with places in the center and in the south as much as 20 cm of snow may fall. Road conditions will be extremely difficult, and the situation will be made difficult by strong, gusty winds, causing snow blowing and lowering the perceived temperature. During snowstorms, visibility on the roads will be almost zero, the forecaster warns.

IMGW alerts almost all over Poland.

At the same time, a strong high will develop over Russia, the wedge of which will reach Western Europe next week, including Poland. Because of it, with the influx of warmer air from southern Europe, the beginning of next week promises to be cloudy, foggy in places, locally with weak mixed precipitation, Zdonek added.

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Forecasted temperature on 21-25.01ventusky.com

Weather for the weekend

Saturday it will be marked by cloudy skies and moderate and heavy snowfall, and in the east also sleet and rain. The precipitation zone will move from east to west. In the second part of the day in Podkarpacie and Lublin region it should stop raining, clear spells are also possible. The sum of precipitation for a period of 24 hours will be from about 5-10 cm in the west and north, to 10-15 cm in other regions of Poland. Locally, up to 20 cm of snow may fall in the center and in the south. The thermometers will show a maximum of -1/1 degree Celsius in the south, east and center to 2/4 degrees Celsius in the northwest. There will be a moderate wind with strong gusts. In the north, they can accelerate to 40-50 kilometers per hour, and on the coast to 70 km/h.

Sunday it will be cloudy with haze. Initially in the west, and during the day also locally in the south, there may be light snowfall and sleet with rain. Rain is possible in the east. The maximum temperature will reach 1/3 degrees C. The wind will be weak and moderate, and it will blow from the north-east.

Forecasted rainfall on 21-25.01

Forecasted rainfall on 21-25.01ventusky.com

The weather for the next week

Monday will bring cloudy skies and haze. Light and symbolic snowfall, drizzle or sleet is possible locally. The maximum temperature will range from 0 degrees C in the Suwałki Region to 3 degrees C in Podkarpacie. Weak to moderate winds from the northeast.

In Tuesday we can expect cloudy skies, haze and no precipitation. On thermometers we will see a maximum of 1 degrees C in the Suwałki Region to 3 degrees C in Western Pomerania. North-easterly winds will be light.

Cloudy and foggy too Wednesday. Light, mixed rainfall is possible in the north. The maximum temperature will range from 0 degrees C in the Suwałki region to 2 degrees C in the west of the country. The wind blows weakly from different directions.

Forecasted gusts of wind on 21-25.01

Forecasted gusts of wind on 21-25.01ventusky.com

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