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Weather for the weekend. The cold will fight the heat. Watch out for severe thunderstorms with hail and downpours

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Thunderstorms with hail and downpours will bring significant cooling in the first half of this week. The sun, heat and heat will return quickly, but on the horizon you can see more violent phenomena that will enter Poland over the weekend.

Poland fell under the influence of the Nikolaus low-pressure whirl from the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the smaller low-pressure areas formed on its edges with centers over southern Scandinavia and northern Poland, informs weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek and emphasizes that this means “a dynamic situation, with fast a cold front and a line of storms moving over the country, pushed from west to east by masses of polar air. Until Tuesday night storms will sweep over the eastern regions of the country, carrying in some places downpours, hail and gusts of squall wind. The hot air will be displaced and the temperature will drop by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Violent weather and cooling

Tuesday will bring moderate to heavy clouds. In the east there will be rainfall and thunderstorms with hail and local downpours, during which up to 30-40 liters of water per square meter will fall. Wind gusts up to 80-100 km/h are expected during the storm. In the rest of Poland it will rain up to 5-15 l/sqm, and on Masuria and Podlasie can also get cold. There will be no precipitation in the region of Lower Silesia. The maximum temperature will range from 18-19 degrees Celsius in Warmia, Mazury and Podlasie to 22 degrees Celsius in the center of the country and in Lower Silesia. The wind will be west and north, moderate, at times quite strong and gusty.

On Wednesday it will be moderately cloudy, with heavy periods with occasional rainfall of 5-20 l/sqm. Thunderstorms are possible in the southeast of the country. Thermometers will show a maximum of 18 degrees C in Silesia, through 20 degrees C in the center, to 21 degrees C in Pomerania. North-westerly breeze, weak to moderate, strong during storms.

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Rain forecast for the next few daysVentus

Weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursdaytvnmeteo.pl

Synoptic: Poland in the center of weather clashes

Sunny and hot, and hot in places, the aura will return to Poland on Thursday. Then, as the forecaster announces, “the weather is to be controlled by the high from the Azores, but its reign will be short, replaced by summer lows from southern and central Europe at the end of the week.” – Visible in the forecasts, the expanding heat wedge, reaching at the turn of June and July from Africa through Poland to northern Scandinavia, is expected to raise the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius for a while – explains Unton-Pyziołek.

He adds, “The expansion of the heat cap over Europe is delayed and is to take place after July 5. A great cold low-pressure vortex from the North Atlantic will strongly push the polar air masses, trying to impose cooling, rain and storms, i.e. the European monsoon. For now, Poland will be in the center of weather clashes.

Forecast temperature for the next days

Forecast temperature for the next daysVentus

Heat, sun and thunderstorms with downpours

Most of the country will be fine on Thursday. In the east it will be cloudy and moderately cloudy. There will also be showers of up to 5-15 l / sq m. and storms are possible. On thermometers we will see a maximum of 21 degrees C in the south-east, through 24 degrees C in central Poland, to 26 degrees C in the south-west. The wind will be northwest, light to moderate, strong during storms.

Friday will be marked by sunny weather in all regions. The maximum temperature will reach from 25 degrees C in the north-east, through 27 degrees C in the center of the country, to 29 degrees C in Lower Silesia. The wind will blow weakly and moderately from the west and south.

Weather forecast for Friday and Saturdaytvnmeteo.pl

Saturday almost all over Poland promises to be sunny. In the west, cloudy clouds will grow to heavy, there will be occasional rainfall up to 5-20 l/sq m, as well as thunderstorms with hail and downpours, during which it will drop to 40 l/sq m, and strong wind gusts to 70-90 km/h. The maximum temperature will be from 25 degrees C in Western Pomerania, through 28 degrees C in the center, to 30 degrees C in Podkarpacie. There will be a southwesterly, light to moderate wind.

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few days

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few daysVentus

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