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Weather for the weekend. “The storm will last several hours.” Cyclone Ulf will bring downpours, gales, and possible storms

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We have a weekend ahead of us under the sign of violent weather. Due to the cyclone Ulf, a zone of very strong and gusty wind and rain will reach Poland. As the synoptic of tvnmeteo.pl Daniel Kowalczyk warned – storms are also possible due to the collision of two air masses. What awaits us next week? Will the wind let go? Check the details of the weather forecast.

Currently, in our part of Europe, there has been a period of dominance of active low-pressure centers, which are formed in the North Atlantic region and are dynamically moving through Great Britain, the North Sea and the South Baltic Sea towards Belarus and western Russia, informed tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk.

Currently, Poland is within the range of an active Ulf low, the center of which will move from southern Norway to the Baltic States over the coming day. The system of weather fronts associated with the low has entered the country, bringing rainfall, which in the coming night may be quite heavy in places.

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Weather for 5 days. Cyclone Ulf in Poland. Winds, rain, possible thunderstorms

Very difficult and dangerous weather awaits us in the next 24 hours, not so much due to rainfall, but mainly due to strong and gusty wind, which in the evening after the passage of the cold front will start to intensify from the north-west. A zone of strong winds will cover the whole country at night. Gusts exceeding 100 kilometers per hour are possible on the coast and Pomerania. Strong and gusty winds in the country will continue on Saturday and only the next night, as the vortex moves away over western Russia, it will weaken slightly, the weather forecaster warned. The warm air lying over the country will be displaced by slightly cooler masses flowing in from the north-west behind the front. With such a high dynamics of the inflow of moist air masses, single ones are also possible storms.

– Main hit [wichury – przyp. red.] it will be friday night and night and saturday. However, tomorrow, when it ends, the wind will also weaken. What is important in this storm is that it will last several hours in the north of the country. It’s not like a breeze will come, sniff, knock over some tree and go away, and there will be peace. Unfortunately, several hours of very strong and gusty wind means that there will be more damage, because the duration of this storm will be quite long and this is the main danger – said Tomasz Wasilewski in Fakty po Południu on TVN24.

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Forecast temperature for the next days Ventusky.com

Weather for the weekend

On Saturday, initially in the south and west, and then also in the center, it will become cloudy and rain will fall to 5-10 liters of water per square meter. It may be accompanied by snow in some places. In the north and east there will be heavy cloud cover, more clear weather is possible in the north. Light, showers are possible in Podlasie. On the thermometers we will see from 5 degrees Celsius in the Suwałki Region, through 7 degrees C in the center of the country, to 9 degrees C in Podkarpacie. The wind from the west and northwest in the north and east will be strong and gusty – up to 90 kilometers per hour. On the coast, it can blow even stronger, up to 100 km / h. In the south and west it will turn out to be quite strong and accelerate to 50-70 km / h – Kowalczyk informed.

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Sunday in the afternoon will bring clouds and rain up to 5-10 l/sqm. The rest of the country will be cloudy with periodic clearing up to moderate. It shouldn’t rain there. Thermometers will show a maximum of 3 degrees C in the Suwałki Region, through 4-5 degrees C in the center of the country, to 7 degrees C in Lesser Poland. Northwest winds will be moderate to strong. Gusts of up to 70 km/h are expected in the north and east.

Rain forecast for the next few days

Rain forecast for the next few daysVentusky.com

The weather for the next week

Monday promises to be cloudy with rainfall, places of sleet moving from the west to the east of the country. The maximum temperature will be from 1 degrees C in Podlasie, through 4 degrees C in the center of the country, to 8 degrees C in Lower Silesia. There will be a moderate west wind, and a strong west wind. In gusts it will reach up to 60 km / h.

On Tuesday we can expect clouds and rain. The maximum temperature will reach from 3 degrees C in Podlasie, through 8 degrees C in the center of the country, to 10 degrees C in Lower Silesia. The wind from the west will be quite strong with periods of gusts up to 60-80 km/h.

Wednesday will bring mostly cloudy skies across the country. Thermometers will show a maximum of 2 degrees C in the northeast, through 6 degrees C in the center of the country, to 8 degrees C in the southwest. Winds from the northeast will be light to moderate, the forecaster said.

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few days

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few daysVentusky.com

Main photo source: Adobe Stock/ventusky.com

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