Weather for today – Friday 27.01. Cloudy with some snowfall


The weather for today, Friday, January 27, will bring a lot of clouds. Where will the snow fall? There will be places where little rainfall is possible. Thermometers will show from -1 to 4 degrees Celsius. The wind will pick up at times.

Weather for today – Friday, 27.01

Friday 27.01 promises to be generally cloudy. There will be a chance for clarification. Light snowfall is expected locally. On thermometers we will see from -1 degree Celsius in the Suwałki Region to 4 degrees C in the Szczecin Lowland. Weak north-easterly winds will also be moderate in places.

Weather for Friday

Biometeo conditions on Friday – 27.01

On Friday, the humidity in Poland will be very high – it will reach over 90 percent. We will feel cold and the biometeorological conditions will be unfavourable.

Biometeorological conditions on Friday 27.01

Biometeorological conditions on Friday

Weather for today – Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

In GdanskGdynia and Sopot it will be cloudy on friday. Thermometers will show up to 1 ° C. North-east wind will be weak and moderate. The pressure is rising, at noon it will be 1025 hPa.

Weather for today – Krakow

It will be a cloudy day in Krakow. The thermometers will show up to 0 degrees C. There will be a weak north-east wind. The pressure drops, at noon its value will be 989 hPa.

Weather for today – Poznan

It’s going to be a cloudy day. The inhabitants Poznań on the thermometers they will see a maximum of 2 degrees C. A light wind will blow from the northeast. The pressure is rising, at noon it will be 1020 hPa.

Weather for today – Warsaw

residents on Friday of Warsaw they have to expect mostly cloudy weather. It is possible that snow will fall. Thermometers will show up to 1 degrees C. Light wind will come from the northeast. The pressure rises at noon and will reach 1010 hPa.

Weather for today – Wroclaw

The inhabitants of Wrocław are waiting for a cloudy day, with occasional snowfall. The temperature will rise to a maximum of 2 degrees C. The north-east wind will blow weakly. The pressure at noon will be 1007 hPa.

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Road conditions on Friday 27.01

Road conditions on Friday

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