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Weather for today – Saturday 12.08. A sunny and hot day

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Weather for today. On Saturday, the weather will be good – it will be sunny, very warm, and even hot in places. At the hottest time of the day, thermometers in the shade will indicate 30 degrees Celsius.

Saturday promises to be clear and sunny. In the second part of the day, it will start to cloud over in the west of the country, to moderate or heavy cloudiness. The thermometers will see a maximum of 23/24 degrees Celsius in the north-east to 29/30 degrees Celsius in the south-west. The wind will be light and will blow from the southwest, in the east from the northeast.

Biometeorological conditions – Saturday, August 12

Air humidity will be 30-60 percent. Most of the country will feel warm, and it will get hot in the south-west. The weather will positively affect our well-being.

Biometeorological conditions on Saturday, August 12tvnmeteo.pl

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Weather for today – Warsaw

Saturday in Warsaw will pass under the sun. Thermometers will show a maximum of 26 degrees C. Variable, weak wind will blow. The pressure at noon will reach 1007 hPa.

Weather for today – Tricity

inhabitants GdyniaGdańsk i Sopot A sunny Saturday awaits. We will see a maximum of 25 degrees C on thermometers. It will blow from variable directions, weakly and moderately. At noon, the pressure will be 1019 hPa.

Weather for today – Poznan

IN Poznań Saturday will be sunny and cloudy. The maximum temperature will be 28 degrees C. Weak and moderate wind will blow from the south-east. At noon, the barometers will show 1008 hPa.

Weather for today – Wroclaw

residents on Saturday Wroclaw they will enjoy the sunny aura. The maximum temperature will reach 29 degrees C. There will be a weak and moderate south-east wind. At noon, we will see 1004 hPa on the barometers.

Weather for today – Krakow

In Krakow, Saturday will bring full sun. We will see a maximum of 26 degrees C on thermometers. It will blow weakly from changing directions. At noon, the barometers will indicate 993 hPa.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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