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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Weather for today – Thursday 28.10. The high mountain affects the weather in most of Poland. It will be sunny and warm

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The weather on Thursday in most of Poland is shaped by a high pressure system. It is to him in almost the entire country that we will owe sunny and warm weather. In places where the most lightening is, it is foggy in the morning, and the visibility in some places is limited even to 50 meters.

On Thursday, most of Poland is affected by the influence of the Rosamunde boom from south-eastern Europe, with its center above Romania. As emphasized by the tvnmeteo.pl synoptician, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, “this is the perfect autumn location of a high-rise, resulting in mild, warm weather in our country.”

Location of the Rosamunde Highlands with its center above RomaniaDWD

Fogs in the south of Poland

Only the north-eastern part of the country is still in the range of the Scandinavian lowlands, hence cloudy weather there. There, the biometeorological conditions will turn out to be neutral, and in other places the aura will have a positive effect on well-being.

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In the south of Poland, on the other hand, it is cloudless, which in the morning is conducive to the formation and holding of mists and hazes. Around 8 o’clock, visibility was limited in the area of ​​the village:

Kłodzko, Jelenia Góra, Legnica and green Mountainup to 100 m;

Czestochowa, up to 700 m;

The morning is cold in places, very warm in the afternoon

Warm air flows in from the south-west, that’s why In the hottest moment of the day in Lower Silesia, we forecast even 16-18 degrees Celsius.

However, the temperature dropped significantly in the morning, locally in the south of the country, during the weather conditions. At. At 6.30 in Kielce, the thermometers showed zero degrees Celsius, while in Kraków, Opole, Katowice and Zakopane the temperature was 1 degrees C. The warmest was in the northern regions, in Ustka the thermometers showed 14 degrees C.

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Biometeo terms on Thursdaytvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: PAP / Rafał Guz, DWD

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