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Weather for today – Wednesday 08.12. Frost, light and brightening

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Weather for today. It will be clear on Wednesday. In places in the northeast where the thermometers will show their lowest values, even a cloudless sky is possible. The weather in most of Poland will have a negative effect on your well-being.

Wednesday in the southern and western part of the country will be mostly cloudy, and it is possible to lighten and brighten locally. In the north and north-east there is a chance for a lot of lightening, and in the region of Suwałki and Olsztyn – even for a little overcast or cloudless sky.

The maximum temperature will be from -7 and -5 degrees Celsius in the north-east to -2 and -1 degrees C in the western and southern regions of Poland. The wind in the east will be weak, northeast, and in the west the wind will blow moderately, in gusts rather strongly, from the southeast.

Weather forecast for Wednesdaytvnmeteo.pl

Biometeo terms

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Air humidity will be in the range of 70-90 percent. People all over Poland will feel cold. Biometeorological conditions, with the exception of the north-eastern part of the country, will turn out to be unfavorable.

Biometeo conditions on Wednesday

Biometeo conditions on Wednesdaytvnmeteo.pl

Weather for today – Warsaw

Cloudy with some lightening in the second part of the day. The maximum temperature will be -3 degrees C. The wind will be weak, eastern. The pressure drops, and at noon the barometers will read 1003 hectopascals.

Weather for today – Tricity

Moderate clouds, temporarily large. The thermometers will show a maximum of -4 degrees C. A moderate, south-eastern wind will blow. The pressure drops to 1015 hPa at noon.

Weather for today – Poznań

Cloudy. The temperature will increase to a maximum of -2 degrees Celsius. The wind will be moderate and quite strong, south-east. The pressure drops, at noon it will be 999 hPa.

Weather for today – Wrocław

Partly cloudy. Thermometers will show a maximum of 0 degrees Celsius. A moderate, quite strong, south-eastern wind will blow in gusts. The pressure drops to 993 hPa at noon.

Weather for today – Krakow

Cloudy with possible lightening. The temperature will rise to a maximum of -2 degrees Celsius. The wind will be moderate, eastern. The pressure drops, at noon it will be 994 hPa.

Main photo source: PAP / Darek Delmanowicz

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