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Weather for Wednesday, 8.12. Xavielle High brought us a frosty morning. It blows strongly in places

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The weather in Poland is shaped by the Xavielle high. In places, such as in Suwałki, Zakopane or Olsztyn, thermometers showed less than -10 degrees Celsius. According to the tvnmeteo.pl synoptician, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, it blows strongly in some parts of the country.

Poland is under the influence of the Xavielle cold high pressure system with centers over northern Sweden and the Baltic countries. Cold, arctic air flows in from the north. However, during the day, the influence of Harry’s deep low pressure system from the British Isles, with the occlusion front zone above German territory, will be marked, so a slightly warmer, milder mass of polar-sea air will flow over the western regions of Poland, the source area of ​​which will be the Atlantic.

The baric situation in EuropeDWD

Wind and frost

Wednesday morning is overcast with clear spells. In places to the east it is snowing.

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It blows from the Southeast and East, generally light to moderate. In the west, the wind is quite strong – in gusts by the sea it reaches 50 km, and in the Karkonosze Mountains it reaches 70 km / h.

In many regions of the country, such as Warmia, Mazury, Podlasie and Podhale, it is very frosty. At 6 o’clock it was coldest in Suwałki – the temperature was -13 degrees Celsius. There was also a severe frost in Olsztyn and Zakopane (-11 degrees C) and Białystok (-10 degrees C). Most, because -1 degrees C, were indicated by thermometers in towns such as Wrocław and Opole.

Temperature in Poland on December 8, 2021 at 6wetteronline.de

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