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Weather forecast for 16 days. Winter is in retreat. How many degrees will it be? Long-term forecast. Weather for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

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After a moment of cooling, it will become warm in spring. Check what else results from the latest 16-day long-term forecast prepared by tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski.

The cold air that flowed into Poland just before Christmas is now quickly being displaced by warm air masses pushing in from the west. A stream of such mild Atlantic air has formed between the lows in the north and the high stretching over the south of the continent. Most European countries will be in this warm zone at the beginning of the week, and the cold will remain only in the north (see map).

A warm end to the yeartvnmeteo.pl

Weather forecast for 16 days

The holidays will be warm – both on Monday and Tuesday in southern and western Poland it will be as much as 12 degrees Celsius. After Christmas, until the first days of the New Year, the weather will be far from winter, because the temperature will be positive all the time, even up to about 10 degrees. Then, from January 3, we can expect cooling to about 0 degrees Celsius, and later, after January 6, there will be more frost – during the day in the east of the country to -6/-7 degrees Celsius.

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The next 16-day temperature forecast is next Sunday.

Main photo source: Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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