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Weather forecast for All Saints’ Day 2023. Long-term forecast

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The weather on All Saints’ Day this year promises to be warm. The temperature in parts of Poland may even approach 20 degrees Celsius. According to the preliminary forecast for November 1, no rain or snow is expected in any of the regions.

In mid-October, Poland experienced a cold snap, which, according to the latest forecasts, will probably last until Sunday, October 22.

According to tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, “although a warm air mass is supposed to press in from the southeast, the cold flowing from the north does not give it much chance in the light of the latest calculations of meteorological models, due to the strong high pressure over Scandinavia and the strong low-pressure air vortex from the north-west of Russia. – Another low-pressure system pushing from southwestern Europe has a chance to break through this cold blockage and stir things up a bit in the central part of the continent, so it is difficult to predict how long the cold will stay over Poland – he explains.

What awaits us in the weather at the end of October and beginning of November? As our forecaster points out, “the situation in the longer horizon of forecasts becomes clearer.” “There is to be a large low-pressure vortex over the Atlantic Ocean, and a large high-pressure ridge over eastern Europe, which means calming down over Central and Eastern Europe and a calm but consistent inflow of warm air masses from the south.”

Weather for All Saints’ Day 2023

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According to the preliminary weather forecast on All Saints’ Day, heat is expected to flow to Poland from the Black Sea and the Middle East. On November 1, the temperature in the north of the country may rise to 14 degrees Celsius, to 15-16 degrees Celsius in the center of the country, and the highest thermometer values ​​will most likely be in the southern regions, where as much as 18-19 degrees Celsius is possible.

– There would be moderate and heavy cloud cover, while a cold front would press in from the west. It is difficult to estimate whether he will be able to break into Poland. But for now, the forecasts for the turn of October and November are pleasant, mild and warm, although cloudy – sums up Unton-Puziołek.

Warmth visible over Europe on November 1wetter3.de

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