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Weather. High on Wednesday brings the sun. Deterioration of the weather and rain on the May long weekend

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We owe the improvement of the weather and the sun on Wednesday to the high pressure from Scandinavia. The weather front that brought a lot of rain the day before is moving over the eastern border. On the horizon, however, as Tomasz Wasilewski, the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, announced in “You get up and know”, another deterioration of the aura, and this at the beginning of a long weekend at the turn of April and May. He added that while Poland has rather cool air, a completely different weather reality prevails in the south-west of the continent.

It rained almost everywhere on Tuesday. As Tomasz Wasilewski explained on TVN24, the precipitation was caused by an atmospheric front related to the low from above Sweden, which is now “on our eastern border”. – This is an important thing because (…) it brings worse weather today only in eastern Poland, cloudy, with rainfall – he said. That is why in the morning, among others, there was rainfall in the Suwałki and Podlasie regions.

High on Wednesday brings the sun

What awaits us now in the weather? – Behind the front we have clearing up. (…) From the direction of Scandinavia, the Norwegian Sea, further through the North Sea and Denmark, a high pressure is pushing in, which will improve our weather. This high today will bring a lot of blue sky and will continue to push the front zone to the east of the continent – explained the tvnmeteo.pl presenter. He added that it is clouding over the northern regions, which is associated with another front “which will become active and therefore we expect showers in the next hours in many places.”

Check the details of the weather forecast for today.

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On Wednesday, some clouds, others blue skiesTVN24

Cool air flows to Central Europe, including Poland, from the northern part of the continent. The hottest part of the day will be between 8 and 11 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. There were frosts last night. IN Klodzko and Leszno, the temperature at the ground dropped to -3 degrees C, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management reported on social media.

cold? Yes, but the sun makes things better

As Wasilewski noted, “Even if the air is quite cool or moderately cool at this time of year, as it is now, with a day lasting 14 hours and sunshine, the weather is quite nice.”

He also pointed out that on the weather map of Europe “the next low to the west of the British Isles is important”. It will move in an easterly direction, a It will bring rain to our country on Saturday. Better weather at the beginning of the May long weekend can be expected on Sunday.

The current bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

“Confusion” in another part of Europe

Wasilewski added that “this low caused a lot of weather confusion in south-western Europe.” He explained that between the warm atmospheric front stretching over France and the cold front located over the Atlantic Ocean in north-western Spain and Portugal, “we have a so-called warm section of low pressure”. “A gate has opened over the Iberian Peninsula for the influx of very hot Saharan air,” he explained.

For this reason, the temperature in Spain has risen to values ​​that are rarely recorded at this time of year. It topped 36 degrees Celsius in the southeast on Tuesday. It was hot, above 30 degrees Celsius, in many places. As Wasilewski noted, “it’s only April” and “it’s absolutely unusual heat even for Spain at this time of year.” “It is likely that today in southern and eastern Spain the national April heat records will be broken,” he predicted.

Maximum temperature recorded on Tuesday in Spainmeteociel.fr

Main photo source: Adobe Stock/tvnmeteo.pl

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