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Weather. Higher and than they will clash over Poland, there will be rain and sun. Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather

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The weather in Poland in the coming week will be shaped by a high from the north of the continent bringing sun and a low from the south, which will bring warm air, but also rain. – The weather will be uneven, unfair and these days will be different depending on which of these pressure systems is slightly stronger – explained tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski in “You get up and weekend”.

Rain is expected in the north and west of the country on Sunday morning. As explained by Tomasz Wasilewski, they are related to the “aging occlusion front (combination of warm and cold front)”. This front stretches from southern Germany to the north-east of our country. – He came from the south, stopped and has to fall out – he said on TVN24.

The current situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

High and low will divide the weather in Poland

As the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl said, “two pressure centers are important for us today and in the following days.” One of them is a low located over Italy, and the other is a high over Scandinavia.

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– Than throws us quite humid, but warm air that flows from the Black Sea. (…) Clouds and showers of rain will form in this air – said Wasilewski. The high pressure system directs dry air from the north and north-east of Europe to our part of the continent. – The weather here is definitely better, with sun and no precipitation – he added.

– We expect that the current situation will divide Europe and the weather in Poland a bit throughout the week. High above Scandinavia, expanding more and more towards Western and Central Europe, will bring dry weather. It’s going to be pretty cool,’ he explained. Low on the southern side of the continent, including the southern half of Poland, “will bring weather with occasional rainfall, but at the same time warm air.” However, it is supposed to be warm throughout the country. The temperature over the next few days should stay around 15 degrees Celsius in all regions.

Forecast bar situation in Europe next weektvnmeteo.pl

“The weather will be unfair”

As Wasilewski explained, “we will be at the junction of these two different pressure systems. Than it will throw us some rainfall, and perhaps there will even be local stormswhile the high from the north will bring good weather.” He described the expected weather situation in Europe in the coming days as “a clash of high and low over Poland”.

– The weather will be uneven, unfair, not the same everywhere and these days will differ depending on which of these pressure systems is slightly stronger, i.e. it will take up more space – summarized the tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in PolandTVN24

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