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Weather in Catalonia. Warm in the South, cold in the North.

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June on the Iberian Peninsula began with a contrasting effect. The north of Catalonia has been overrun by a cool atmospheric front, bringing rain and low temperatures with it, while the south of the region is hot.

At this time of the year, Spain is one of the sunniest points on the map of Europe. The beginning of June, however, decided to surprise the Catalans, bringing both rain and overcast, and unbearable heat.

Cloudy in the north of CataloniaENEX

Midnight in the rain, noon in the sun

As reported by local media, the weather on the Catalan coast is sunny. Inhabitants can expect hot weather, and in the warmest region of Lleida, the temperature will be as high as 35 degrees Celsius.

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The closer to the Pyrenees, the worse the conditions will be for the Catalans. The sky will be obscured by clouds from which it can rain. Strong winds will blow in the Ebro valley and there will be heavy fog.

Heat in the south of CataloniaENEX

The front is to blame for everything

Northern Catalonia is currently under the influence of the atmospheric front, which determines the wide variation in weather conditions in the region. As forecast by weather forecasters, the situation will not change in the next few days. Low clouds and fog can also be accompanied by precipitation, and even storms.

Main photo source: ENEX

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