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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Weather in Europe. African air over Poland, a raging element in Western Europe

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A powerful storm, the Emir, has settled over the British Isles, bringing with it destructive gusts of wind and downpours. The presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, talked on TVN24 about how this gigantic barometric system will affect the weather in our part of Europe.

On Thursday, the weather in Europe is shaped by the Emir, whose name is Ciaran in the nomenclature of the British Met Office. As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter explained in the program “You get up and you know”, the cyclone brought downpours, wind gusts of up to 180 kilometers per hour and low pressure of only 957 hectopascals in this part of the world.

Although the most extreme conditions associated with the low will not reach Poland, it will also affect the weather in our part of the continent.

Than the Emir over the British Islestvnmeteo.pl

A blast of African air

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A complex system of atmospheric fronts is associated with the Emir low. A barometric system is pushing cold air into Western Europe, making Thursday colder and rainier in Spain, Portugal and France than in Central Europe.

– Due to the fact that further warm atmospheric fronts related to this low are moving over us, it is flowing [do nas – przyp. red.] warm air – said Wasilewski, pointing to the map. – This is unusual for this time of year, because some African air is actually reaching Central Europe.

The presenter added that, of course, we are not expecting the return of summer weather, but due to warm air, thermometers in southern Poland will show 17-18 degrees C on Thursday. In our southern neighbors, the temperature may increase to up to 20 degrees C – this is a high value for this time of year. However, the weather will deteriorate on Friday, with a rain front approaching from Germany.

The emergency situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

This temperature is sometimes in the summer. Weather forecast for 16 days

Cooler, but not wintery

How long will the warm weather stay over Poland? Temperature forecast for Warsaw shows that around Wednesday, November 8, we will experience the first cooling – so far, although the weather will deteriorate, thermometers will show relatively high values. As Wasilewski pointed out, this change will not be radical, although the temperature will drop below 10 degrees Celsius.

– It won’t be wintery, but it will be colder compared to 16 degrees, which will be today, for example – added the presenter.

Watch the entire interview with Tomasz Wasilewski:

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in EuropeTVN24

Main photo source: Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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