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Weather in Italy: African heat is coming

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The Italian Ministry of Health warned that the heat on Thursday would be felt most strongly in cities such as Campobasso, Frosinone, Latina, Perugia, Rieti, Rome i Sad. A red alert will be in effect there. According to Italian meteorologists, the heat could last until the end of July.

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Weather in Italy dangerous in many cities

Currently, due to very high temperatures, a second-degree alert is in force in a total of 13 cities, including popular tourist destinations such as Florence, Perugia Whether Rome.

Thursday However, it will be even hotter and in addition to the red alert in seven cities, a second-degree warning will be in force in 9 locations.

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The introduction of a red alert means that conditions in the areas covered are dangerous. not only for people from risk groupsi.e. seniors and chronically ill. Such weather also poses a threat for people who are young and in good health.

Therefore, it is important that when staying in the above-mentioned cities, you avoid going outside during the hottest hours of the day, drink plenty of water and protect your head and eyes from the sun.

Summer in Italy with African weather

Extreme heat in Italy it's thanks to African anticyclonewhich reaches the Apennine Peninsula. Italian meteorologists estimate that in the next few days temperatures in most of the country will become very demanding.

The hottest weather will be on the southern islands: already Sicily May be 42-43 st. Cand by Sardinia a little less, because 40-41 degrees. In other southern regions Italian you have to take the temperatures into account from 36 to 39 degrees Celsius. 40 degrees can be in places in the center of the country.

Although the extreme heat in southern Italy is no surprise to anyone, this time it will also get very hot in the north. In the cities Bologna i Ferrara in the coming days it will be 36-37 st. C. For comparison in Milan At this time it will be a few degrees cooler, but still hot: 32-33 degrees.

Along with high temperatures, many places will experience high humiditytherefore the conditions will become muggy and steamy.

According to Italian experts, the African heat will last a long time – at least until next week. However, this will not be the end. Such weather may return to Italian also in the second half of July, bringing temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, and in Sicily and Sardinia again exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. It is possible that such powerful African heat will last until the end of the month.

Heatwave all over the world. It affected 1.5 billion people

This year, extreme heatwaves are affecting not only tourist countries in the Mediterranean region. As previously reported by the American “Washington Post”, in 2024, extreme heatwaves have spread areas inhabited by over 1.5 billion people.

By the end of May, nearly one-fifth of the world's population had experienced at least one day when temperatures exceeded 39.4 degrees Celsius, a level that the US National Weather Service (NWS) describes as life-threatening.

Only in the capital JapanTokyo, six people died of heatstroke this week during a heatwave with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

Source: ANSA, Ilmeteo.it, Meteo.it, Salute.gov.it, “The Washington Post”

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