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Weather in Poland and Europe, frost. “The warehouse of European cold descends to Poland”. Frost in the east of the country

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Cold air flows into Poland from Scandinavia, where the air temperature dropped to -19 degrees Celsius on Monday. – The first, mild cold delivery is ahead of us – Tomasz Wasilewski, tvnmeteo.pl presenter, said in “Get up and you know” on TVN24.

On Monday morning the temperature in Scandinavia dropped to -18 and -19 degrees Celsius. – There is a magazine of European cold in Scandinavia, which is going to slide to Central Europe – Tomasz Wasilewski, tvnmeteo.pl presenter said on Monday in “Get up and you know” on TVN24. He added that on Tuesday this cold will move from north to south, from Scandinavia towards, among others, Poland.

– For the next two nights, we will feel frost in the east of the country. Then, after November 15, there will be a greater supply of this cold from the north – he explained.

Air temperature in Europe at 4.30 am on Monday 8 Novemberwetteronline.de

Frost in the east of Poland

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Why is cold coming to Poland from the north? It is related to the system of pressure centers in Europe. As Tomasz Wasilewski said, there is a low on the border between Belarus and Russia, and the second one was formed on the Mediterranean Sea.

– These lows, both the Belarusian one and the one located in the south of the continent, are connected by a team of atmospheric fronts – told the tvnmeteo.pl presenter. – Above Poland, there is another, cool secondary front connected with the Belarusian lowlands, which brings cold air to us. Due to the fact that it moves above us, it is cloudy and it rains little, and at the same time, cold air begins to flow from the side of Scandinavia. This is why it will be frost on the night from Monday to Tuesday, and the next one, in eastern Poland – he added. – Now there will be the first, gentle delivery of the cold, the stronger one later. This is due to the fact that a high has formed over Scandinavia. And he and the lowlands in the east of the continent control the flow of air in such a way that it is cold in the north – said Wasilewski.

On the other side of the continent, over Western Europe, there is a high. – He invites warmer air masses from the Atlantic to Ireland, Great Britain and along the coasts of Scandinavia, across the Norwegian Sea – said the presenter.

In mid-November, this high, which is now located over Scandinavia, will become the Scandinavian-Russian high, more powerful, therefore the pressure of cold, frosty air will be greater.

Weather situation over Europetvnmeteo.pl

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in Polandtvn24

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