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Weather in Poland and Europe. “Warsaw is one of the cooler capitals”

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Cool air from the north flows into and will continue to flow into the central regions of Europe. On Thursday, it was colder in Warsaw than in some cities of Norway or Ireland. As Tomasz Wasilewski, the tvnmeteo.pl presenter, said in the program “Get up and you know”, the presence of two barric systems is responsible for this weather – the lowland from the Polish-German border and the highland, the center of which is located over Great Britain.

The cold has been spreading over Central Europe for several days. Only 17 degrees Celsius was recorded in Warsaw on Thursday. This is much less than, for example, in Shannon in Ireland, where the temperature reached 25 degrees C. It was also warmer in Bergen, Norway, where the thermometers showed 22 degrees C. and in Akureyri in Iceland – 21 degrees C.

– Warsaw was one of the coolest capitals in Europe. It was chilly in our part of the continent, that is in Central and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the heat – and a lot of it – went to the west of the continent, and even to the far north. That is why it was much warmer in these cities than in Warsaw – Tomasz Wasilewski, the weather presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, told TVN24.

“Weather break”

As the presenter added, such an unfavorable situation for Poland is expected to last for several days. Its cause is the presence of the lowlands, which are currently located on the Polish-German border.

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– It is such a weather spoil, but also the ruler of the weather in our part of the continent – commented Wasilewski.

The weather in Europe is also influenced by the highs above Ireland and Great Britain. It is thanks to him that very warm air flows into Western Europe.

– It may not come from Africa itself, but from the far south. It reaches Iceland, Ireland and takes a roundabout road north as far as Norway. And that’s why it’s up to 22 degrees here, and that’s why Norway is much warmer than Poland. On the other hand, the lower one, which is over Central Europe, invites cold air from the north, which also reaches us in a somewhat roundabout way – said Wasilewski.

Separated from heat

The wave of coldness also affects other European countries. Wasilewski mentioned that even snowfall can occur high in the Alps.

– Such a pressure system, i.e. than in Central Europe, and higher over Great Britain, will guarantee such weather for the next few days – cool and humid in the center and east of the continent, and sunny and much warmer in the west – he said.

As he said, the high above the western regions is “a wall that separates us from heat”.

– In fact, almost everywhere is warmer than here, because even on the eastern side of the lowlands, warm air flows and in Ukraine or southern Russia, the weather is hot, with a temperature of 26 degrees – he concluded.

You can see the whole conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski here:

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in Poland and Europetvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Shutterstock / tvnmeteo.pl

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