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Weather in Poland. Change is coming. The last such warm and pleasant day. tvnmeteo.pl forecaster about the weather

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We are hours away from the weather getting worse. According to tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, we will soon say goodbye to the Indian summer. We will have to take into account the return of clouds, rainfall, storms, as well as lower values ​​on thermometers.

Change is coming

Tuesday is the last day when the entire country is in the stream of warm air masses flowing from the south – said tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. It will still be sunny, but the high pressure that brought a wave of warmth and sunny weather has moved away to the Black Sea region. Poland is entering an area of ​​reduced pressure associated with the so-called multi-center, extensive low over Scandinavia.

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, long-unseen rain will enter from the west on a cold atmospheric front, pushed by cold and moist polar air masses from the Atlantic. – The temperature will drop significantly, but late summer has not said its last word yet – assured the forecaster.

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Air pressure situation in Europe 12/09DWD

Foggy in places

The morning was sunny all over the country. Fog appeared locally in the south and north at 6 visibility was limited to: 100 meters in the area of ​​the Gdańsk Coast, 200 m in SzczecinMikołajki and Białystok400 m in Jelenia Góra and 700 m in Katowice.

In the morning, it was the coldest in Jelenia Góra, where thermometers showed 11 degrees Celsius. In WrocławLublin, Kraków and Poznań the temperature reached 15 degrees C, and in the capital – 16 degrees C. The warmest was in Elbląg (19 degrees C) and Zielona Góra (20 degrees C).

Temperature in Poland on September 12, approx. 6wetteronline.de

Main photo source: Shutterstock/DWD

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