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Weather in Poland. Change over the weekend. Tomasz Wasilewski: high is important on the map

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The low, which over the weekend in Poland is responsible for rainfall, will move to the south of Europe at the beginning of the next week. This means we can expect plenty of sunshine again. The temperature will exceed 15 degrees Celsius. – We will get under the influence of the baby boom – Tomasz Wasilewski announced in “You get up and the weekend” tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

There is a low pressure system over the Czech Republic on Saturday. The associated weather fronts in our part of the continent bring rainfall. It may rain throughout Poland, and in the afternoon in the southern regions of the country, weak thunderstorms are also possible. The whole rainy zone, as explained by tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski, is moving north, which is why in some parts of the country there are rainfalls from the morning, and in other places they will appear only in the next hours.

“The weather will improve”

Wasilewski noted that on the weather map “high over Finland and over Russia” is important. – We hope that after the weekend it will start to grow towards the south, i.e. it will travel through Northern and Central Europe. Under the influence of this boom we will find ourselves at the beginning of the week – he said.

– This means that after a rainy weekend in many places and also Monday, the weather will improve later along with the high pressure – announced the presenter. There will be more sun and warmth. Wasilewski emphasized that this change “does not mean hot weather”. – 15-16 degrees will be the maximum we can do next week – he said.

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The current situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

The low that is currently shaping the aura in Poland “will be far to the south, over Italy, and it will rain there, and we will get under the influence of the high, which will win at the beginning of the week,” summarized the tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

Forecast bar situation in Europe next weektvnmeteo.pl

Preliminary forecast for May

What’s the weather like next month? The US Atmospheric and Ocean Administration (NOAA) has released a preliminary temperature anomaly forecast for Europe. As Wasilewski commented on TVN24, these predictions show that “in our part of Europe and in a large part of the continent it will be a positive deviation”. – If this forecast comes true, it means that May will be warmer than average – he explained.

Places marked in orange mean that the temperature for the whole month should be one degree Celsius higher than the long-term average. Areas where the temperature may be 2 degrees C higher than normal are marked in red. This applies to Poland, as well as the entire center of the continent, some parts of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Forecast of average air temperature anomalies in Europe in May 2023 NOAA

An experimental long-term weather forecast for the next few months was presented in the first half of April by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. According to IMGW, the temperature in Poland in May will probably be in the range of the long-term standard from 1991-2020.

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in PolandTVN24

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz / tvnmeteo.pl

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