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Weather in Poland. During the day, warm air will dispel the clouds

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On Sunday morning, the sky over Poland is still cloudy, but the aura may soon change significantly. As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek explains, warm, dry air from southwestern Europe is heading towards our country. It will bring with it clear spells and even clearer weather in some places.

Poland fell under the influence of the extensive Enno high, stretching from northern Africa through Central Europe to Russia, tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek reported on Sunday morning. There is a low cloud cover in the moist, moderately cold air, but the cloudiness is slowly disappearing in the western parts. Warmer and drier air from the southwest of the continent, from Spain, begins to penetrate western Poland.

Therefore, there will be more and more clear weather over western Poland during the day, and in other regions there will be clear showers. It should be noted, however, that light rain or wet snow may still fall from low clouds.

In Poland in the morning

Sunday morning brought us cloudy weather. Light snow fell locally in the Łódź region, Podkarpacie, Upper Silesia and Lesser Poland. At 6 a.m. the thermometers showed -1 degree Celsius in Słubice and Zakopaneby 2 degrees C in Warsaw and Łódź up to 5 degrees Celsius KołobrzegKoszalin and Lębork.

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The wind was blowing moderately from the west, sometimes even stronger in the north and east. The strongest gusts occurred in mountainous areas – in Tatra Mountains gusts reaching speeds of 60-80 kilometers per hour were recorded.

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