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Weather in Poland. Impassable roads, snow-covered sidewalks. Saturday’s attack of winter in Poland through the eyes of Reporters 24.

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Winter returned to many regions of Poland on Saturday. In some provinces, snow has been falling since Friday evening, which makes the conditions on many roads difficult, and some communication routes remain impassable. At Kontakt 24 we receive photos and recordings of Poland under the snow.

According to tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk on Saturday morning, in the belt from Podlasie through Mazowsze and Łódź Land there are moderate, sometimes intense snowfalls, and in the east snowfalls turning into snowfall with rain. Roads and sidewalks can be slippery. In addition, moderate wind occurring together with snowfall intensifies the visibility restrictions. which drops below 1 kilometer in places.


Difficult road conditions

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In almost all provinces alerts apply against intense snowfall, blowing snow and blizzards, strong wind and freezing precipitation, which will accompany us for the next few hours. Difficult weather conditions take their toll on drivers – some roads are covered with snow, and in some places the surface is heavily icy. On the A4 motorway between Dębica and Tarnów, The car skidded off the road on a slippery surface.

At 7 am, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways announced that all national roads are passable. There were 2,137 vehicles for winter maintenance on the national road network. GDDKiA appealed to drivers to drive carefully.

On Kontakt 24 we received recordings from the road between I was bright and Nowe Żmigród (Podkarpackie Voivodeship), where already on Friday afternoon there were difficult conditions.

Contact 24 also receives winter views from all over Poland.

Communication paralysis in part of the country

As assessed by the synoptic IMGW Michał Folwarski, heavy snowfall can cause communication paralysis. Residents in the South and Southeast should prepare for power outages due to damage to the power grid. It is also better to refrain from returning from holidays until Sunday or Monday, when the rainfall will be much weaker.

– Not only that the snow falls well and will be wet, but also the temperature can oscillate around zero degrees or a slight minus. On Saturday, there will be freezing rain in the southern part of the country, so it will be really slippery, not only on the streets, but also on the sidewalks, he stressed.

In his opinion, the paralysis of communication threatens primarily the inhabitants of the southern and south-eastern parts of the country, where heavy snowfall is forecast. There is already a lot of snow in Podhale, so when it still falls, it will be dangerous. You also have to take into account power outages due to infrastructure failures and downed trees. On the roads in the rest of Poland, you should also be careful, as even in the lowlands, about 15 centimeters of wet snow can fall. Snow will make driving difficult.

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