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Weather in Poland. Last night the temperature did not drop below 20 degrees. Tropical night in places. Two different seasons

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The night from Friday to Saturday was special. In some places the temperature did not drop below 20 degrees Celsius, and in other regions it was only a few degrees. The thermal contrast between the north and south was large.

The night from Friday to Saturday was exceptionally warm in the south of the country. “In the north of the country, the minimum temperature per night was about 2-3 degrees Celsius, in the center of the country it was about 10 degrees Celsius, and in places in the south the temperature did not drop below 20 degrees Celsius throughout the night, so we were dealing with tropical conditions there at night,” the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

Tropical night in October

The occurrence of tropical nights in October is rare. – This is not a normal situation, something like this happens very rarely, once every 20-50 years – said Grzegorz Walijewski, spokesman for tvnmeteo.pl IMWM. He added that forecasts show that this year’s October 21 will be the warmest such day in the history of measurements.

As noted by IMWM, tropical nights are characteristic of summer, although they do not occur very often in Poland.

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“One of the stations where the air temperature remained above 20 degrees Celsius throughout the night was the meteorological station in Cieszyn,” it was written on Twitter on Saturday.

Air temperature chart for the last 48 hours

Cieszyn stationAir temperature chart for the last 48 hourshydro.imgw.pl/

High thermal contrast and two seasons

“The inflow of very warm air of tropical origin, combined with the occurrence of the foehn effect in the foothill areas of the Carpathians and the retention of cold air over the northern part of the country, resulted in the occurrence of almost two different seasons in Poland at the same time,” wrote IMWM on social media.

“Such a situation in the second half of October is a real phenomenon,” it added.

The temperature record for October was recorded on October 3. 29.3 degrees Celsius in Legnica (Lower Silesia).

Main photo source: IMWM, Adobe Stock

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