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Weather in Poland. Lightning strikes, the ground slid onto the road. The first effects of storms and downpours in the south of the country

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Thunderstorms with heavy rains have been passing through Poland since early morning. Firefighters have their hands full, they have already intervened over 100 times. in the province Świętokrzyskie, the ground slipped on the road. In the district of Krakow in Lesser Poland, lightning damaged the roof of one of the houses. On Kontakt 24 we receive your weather reports.

So far, firefighters have left 40 times to remove the effects of storms that pass through Podkarpacie on Saturday, brig. Marcin Betleja, spokesman for the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Rzeszów.

Firefighters’ interventions consist mainly in removing broken tree branches and branches lying on the streets, pavements, properties and power lines. Firefighters clear road culverts and pump water from flooded properties and basements.

– We recorded the most interventions in Leżajsk and Rzeszów poviats. No one was hurt, no one was injured, said Brig. Martin Bethlehem.

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Landslide in the province Świętokrzyskie

To the bypass Staszów in the province Świętokrzyskie, the earth from the embankment slipped.

– A section of the ring road from the Chmielnik roundabout to the Na roundabout is blocked at the moment Cracow. Firefighters remove the ground from the road – said the spokesman for the firemen of Świętokrzyskie St. pt. Marcin Bajur.

Firefighters have intervened 22 times so far. Most interventions concerned the removal of broken tree branches from communication routes. Most events (10) were in the Sandomierz poviat.

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Lesser Poland. Lightning damaged the roof

From midnight to noon on Saturday, the fire brigade in Lesser Poland intervened 112 times in connection with heavy rainfall and storms that passed over the region.

Firefighters went to action the most times in the Tarnów (43), Kraków (20) and Nowy Sącz (19) poviats. There were single interventions in other poviats. According to the duty officer of the Provincial Fire Brigade Headquarters in Krakow, no one was injured in these incidents. The most common problem was flooded cellars and broken trees lying on the roads. In Czułów (Krakow poviat), lightning damaged the roof sheathing, and in Myślenice – the mast on the building of the State Fire Service.

– The unit from Myślenice had temporary communication problems, we managed to fix it – informed the PSP duty officer.

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