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Weather in Poland on Saturday 10.06.

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On Saturday, the weather in part of the country will be shaped by a low pressure system that has pushed over Poland from the south. It will bring cloudy and rainy aura, and in places also thunderstorms. As the synoptic tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek explained, the weather is slowly being taken over by a sunny high from the north, which brings a breath of cold.

Poland is on the verge of a sunny high from Finland, but from the south a cloudy low-lying area with a wide, warm atmospheric front and a narrower storm front breaks into our country, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, the weather forecaster, told tvnmeteo.pl on Saturday morning. The belt of cloudy, rainy weather is associated with lows from the Black Sea and the Balkans. They are to cover mainly the southern and south-eastern regions of Poland, but they can reach as far as the center, bringing rainfall locally.

The high from northern Europe, however, is beginning to strengthen. It will slowly push the front over Poland, while pulling in cooler polar air from the north, gradually removing heat from over Poland. Temperatures will continue to be high on Saturday.

In the morning in Poland

Half the country south of Saturday morning Poznań and Warsaw is under the clouds. There is rainfall in the Lublin, Kielce, Upper Silesia and Podkarpacie regions. Over north-western Poland, in northern Greater Poland and Pomerania, it persists narrow storm front, which is supposed to weaken and blur during the day. In other regions, the weather is sunny.

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On the thermometers at 6 o’clock we could see from 10 degrees Celsius in Jelenia Góra and 12 degrees C in Suwałkithrough 17 degrees C in Poznań to 18 degrees C in in Warsaw and 19 degrees C in boat. We were accompanied by a light to moderate wind from the north-east.

The bar situation over EuropeDWD

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