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Weather in Poland on Thursday. Low-pressure vortices will bring clouds and rain

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The weather in Poland on Thursday will continue to be shaped by low pressure systems located over the Atlantic, the forecaster told tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. Another atmospheric front is entering our country from the west, bringing with it rainfall and heavy clouds.

Poland remains under the influence of low-pressure whirlpools from the Atlantic Ocean, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, a weather forecaster for tvnmeteo.pl, reported on Thursday morning. The weather is shaped by a vortex with two centers, one located over the Atlantic close to Scotland and the other over the Norwegian Sea.

As the forecaster added, there is a blurring atmospheric front over the eastern part of Poland, and another one comes from the west, bringing rain over the western regions. Our country remains in a moderately warm mass of polar air flowing from the southwest.

The bar situation over EuropeDWD

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In Poland in the morning

On Thursday morning in Poland there is a large cloud cover with more clear spells and clearings. The zone of high cloud cover with light rainfall extends from Warmia and Podlasie through Mazowsze and Kielecczyzna to Małopolska and Podhale, where additionally it snows lightly. The second zone of heavy cloudiness, carrying moderate rainfall, extends over Western Pomerania and Lubuska Land. In the north-east of the country there are fogs here and there.

At 6 a.m. the thermometers read from 0 degrees Celsius in buriedby 1 st. C in Zamość and Włodawa up to 6 degrees C boatIn Warsaw, Szczecin and Kolobrzeg. The south-westerly and southerly winds were blowing, weak and moderate, sometimes stronger. Strong gusts were observed in mountainous areas – in the Karkonosze Mountains on Śnieżka gusts reached up to 108 kilometers per hour.

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