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Weather in Poland. Zechariah vortex. High temperature contrast between east and west. Sunday 6.08

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The low-pressure vortex Zachariasz made the temperature difference between the warmest and the coldest city in Poland on Sunday about 20 degrees. Why did this happen? Because the vortex in its front, i.e. eastern part, drew hot, tropical air, while in its rear, western part, cool polar masses.

On Sunday, Poland was under the influence of the Zachariasz low-pressure vortex, the center of which is moving over western Poland towards the Baltic Sea, informed tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. She added that although the vortex is small, it led to the formation of turbulence in the atmosphere.

The low-pressure vortex drew in its front, eastern part, hot air from the south, of tropical origin. On the other hand, in its rear, western part, cool polar masses from the north-west were flowing in. At the contact of these air masses, a wide zone of the atmospheric front formed, i.e. a belt of mass abrasion. There was continuous heavy rainfall in this zone. During the day, it fell in Lower Silesia to almost 100 liters of rain per square meter. It is such a large difference in the nature of the air masses that led to intense phenomena. In addition, a storm front formed in the warm air mass.

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High temperature contrast

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And so in the east of the country, in the hot air sucked in from the south, thermometers showed over 30 degrees, and in the cool, polar air, in places where it rained, the temperature did not exceed 15 degrees Celsius.

According to the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, at 4 pm on Sunday in Kętrzyn, the synoptic station recorded as much as 32.6 degrees Celsius. In the west or south-west of the country, the temperature did not exceed 15 degrees Celsius. The coldest was in Zakopane. Yeah, the thermometers only showed 12.5 degrees Celsius

Main photo source: s_bawor/Kontakt 24/cmm.imgw.pl

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