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Weather in the Giant Mountains. Okraj Pass. The magical morning of November 11 in the photos of Reporters 24

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Mornings in the mountains are special moments. 24 Reporters who went on Thursday at dawn to the Karkonosze Mountains, to the Okraj Pass area, found out about it. They decided to share the views that “will remain in their memory for a long time” by sending them to Kontakt 24.

As Reporter 24 Rafał Kotylak wrote, the autumn inversions in the Karkonosze Mountains are a beautiful spectacle, and in the valleys dense clouds illuminated by the rays of the rising sun “can enchant us and take us into a fairy-tale landscape”.

“Today, just before sunrise (of the Sun – ed.), I decided to go to the morning photography open-air to the Okraj Pass in the Karkonosze Mountains. To be honest, there was a plan to freeze Śnieżka, but a significant change in temperature at night thwarted my plans” – wrote the Internet user.

Amazing views in the Giant Mountains. “I was not disappointed, it was spectacular”

In recent days, the temperatures in the Karkonosze have been quite low, and some snow has fallen in the higher parts of the mountains. “It was a perfect autumn-winter scenery, which was worth capturing in photos. (…) The temperatures on Śnieżka began to rise significantly, in the evening they soared a few degrees above zero. Such a situation made me change my plans. great photos, I decided to go to the Okraj Pass and from there to the Rock Table “- said Mr. Rafał.

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Fortunately – as Reporter 24 wrote – in the morning it turned out that in the Jelenia Góra Valley there are low, minus temperatures and dense fogs. “This situation gave a shadow of hope that at the top of the pass I would be able to admire the beautiful, autumn inversions – I was not disappointed, it was spectacular” – summed up his photographic achievements Mr. Rafał.

“Thursday morning will stay in my memory for a long time”

Not only Mr. Rafał went on November 11 to the Karkonosze Mountains. Another Reporter 24, Mr. Grzegorz Truchanowicz, who is a Sudetic Guide, made a similar trip. He also shared his story with us by sending it to Kontakt 24.

“I was wondering how to celebrate November 11th. There were many ideas, but I had to welcome that day in the mountains. As it turned out, it was a very good choice, Thursday morning will stay in my memory for a long time” – he wrote on Kontakt 24.


Main photo source: Contact 24 / Rafał Kotylak

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