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Weather in the mountains. Difficult conditions in the Bieszczady and Beskid Mountains.

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The weather does not encourage mountain hiking in the Bieszczady and Beskid Mountains. Rescuers warn of difficult conditions. The snow is muddy in some places. It’s raining and the temperature stays above zero.

In the Bieszczady Mountains on Saturday morning the sky is covered with clouds. In Ustrzyki Górne, thermometers show 6 degrees Celsius, in Cisna the temperature reached 7 degrees C. Visibility is limited to one kilometer.

In the Bieszczady National Park, the trails are partially clear and unobstructed. “In the mountain meadows, there is a rough snow cover, frozen after rainfall, ranging from 35 to 60 centimeters. In the forest floor, the snow is wet, heavy, sinking. In leeward places, the snow layer reaches up to 100 cm. There are numerous icy spots” – warns the Bieszczady National Park.

– The conditions are not encouraging, although there are no bad conditions for seasoned tourists or ski tourers who cannot sit still – said Marek Kwasiżur, a rescuer from the Bieszczady group of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service.

Rainy in the Beskids

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It is raining in the Beskids, and visibility on Saturday morning was limited to 500 m. Thermometers showed positive values. The snow on the hiking trails is muddy.

“We received information from all GOPR stations that it was raining and there was little wind. Visibility is limited to 500 m, and in Klimczok even up to 50 m. The temperature on Saturday morning ranged from 3 degrees in Markowe Szczawiny and Hala Miziowa, to 4 degrees in Klimczok, up to 8 degrees in Szczyrk. Conditions on the trails are difficult. The snow is wet and muddy,” said Beskid Mountaineering Mountaineers from the station in Szczyrk.

The second avalanche danger level applies to Babia Góra. It is moderate and occurs mainly on very steep slopes in places of increased snow accumulation. Akademicka Perć, the yellow trail from Górny Płaj to Babia Góra, is closed until further notice. This is the most difficult trail in the Beskids – it is a one-way, approach trail.

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Proper preparation necessary

Tourists who set out on the trail must be properly prepared. Please dress warmly. Footwear is especially important. Crawling hands are essential. You should have a supply of warm liquids. Tourists should have a charged mobile phone with the “Ratunek” application and a power bank. Due to the early darkness, you should take a flashlight. In the event of an accident, you can call GOPR by calling the free emergency telephone number: 985 or 601 100 300.

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