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Weather in the mountains. Tatra Mountains. There are places in Poland where the weather is still winter

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When going to the mountains on the weekend, remember that there are places in Poland where you should be careful about difficult weather conditions. This is the case in the Tatra Mountains, where there is still snow in the higher parts of the peaks. The services urge caution. And what is it like in the Beskids and Karkonosze Mountains? Check.

In the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains, there is still snow in many places, so you should be especially careful. The montane areas are wet and muddy in places, but there are no difficulties on most trails – said the Tatra National Park.

According to the weather forecast, on Saturday the sun will appear behind the clouds in the Tatra Mountains, and on Sunday it will be sunny. Daytime temperatures will range from 4 degrees Celsius at Kasprowy Wierch and Morskie Oko to 11 degrees Celsius in the mountain pastures.

Let's be careful in the Tatra Mountains

There is a lot of snow in the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains, especially on the northern side of the ridge and in generally shaded places. Be especially careful there, because slipping on steep terrain may result in a dangerous fall.

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Moving in the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains requires experience in winter mountain tourism, the ability to assess the local avalanche risk and adapt the route to the prevailing conditions, as well as having winter equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, avalanche ABC – detector, probe, shovel). The first, low avalanche danger level applies in the Tatra Mountains.

The montane parts are wet and muddy in places, but most of the trails are not obstructed. There are damaged bridge railings on the trail between Hala Ornak and Przełęcz Iwaniacka. Extreme caution should be exercised until they are replaced.

It may rain in the Beskids

Conditions on tourist trails in the Beskids are good, although it may rain a bit in the early afternoon – GOPR rescuers informed.

– In the morning the temperature was about 10 degrees. The sun sometimes peeked out from behind the clouds. There was very little wind in places. Visibility was very good. Conditions on the trails are very good, although it is expected to rain in the afternoon – said GOPR rescuers from the station in Szczyrk.

The Babiogórski National Park informed that due to rock slides and snow in the gullies, the yellow trail from Górny Płaj to Babia Góra, called Percia Akademików, is closed until further notice.

Tourists who choose to go on the trail must be prepared for the hike. Please dress appropriately, bearing in mind that the weather can change dramatically. Sturdy footwear and headgear are particularly important. You should have plenty of fluids. Tourists should have a charged mobile phone with the “Ratunek” application and a power bank.

In the event of an accident, you can call GOPR by calling the free emergency telephone number: 985 or 601-100-300.

Marking of hiking trailsPAP/Maria Samczuk

And what is it like in the Karkonosze Mountains?

Temperature up to 8 degrees in the higher parts of the mountains and weak north wind – these are the weather conditions in the Karkonosze Mountains on Saturday. Very good visibility in the mountains encourages hiking.

On Saturday, in the higher parts of the Karkonosze Mountains, the temperature will range from 5 to 8 degrees Celsius – according to a statement from the Karkonosze GOPR Group. Despite complete cloud cover, visibility in the mountains is very good. Scattered showers are forecast during the day. There is a weak north wind.

The Karkonosze National Park would like to remind you that some parts of the trails are closed until the end of May due to the black grouse breeding season. This includes: green trail – a path over the mountain ranges from the Pod Łabskim Szczytem shelter to Rozdroże pod Wielki Szyszak; yellow trail – from the shelter under Łabski Szczyt to Śnieżne Kotły, to the intersection with the red trail; green trail – from Jaworowa Łąka in Czarny Koło Jagniątkowskie to the intersection with the black trail Petrówka; the blue trail – from the Hunter's House to the Samotnia shelter or the blue trail – along the Kowarski Ridge from Skalny Stół to the Okraj Pass.

Main photo source: weather.topr.pl

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