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Weather in the mountains. The sun is out, but it’s not safe. Avalanche “three” in the Tatras and the Giant Mountains

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There has been snowfall in the south of the country over the past day. Therefore, it is not safe in the Tatras and the Karkonosze Mountains – the avalanche risk is of the third degree. Rescuers do not recommend trips to the high parts of the mountains – even despite the sun on Sunday.

After Saturday’s snowstorm, Sunday over Tatra Mountains the sun shone, encouraging mountain hiking. However, it is dangerous on mountain trails. There is a third, significant avalanche risk.

According to the services of the Tatra National Park (TPN), the trails have been covered with a fresh layer of snow, in the upper parts of the Tatra Mountains their course is invisible.

Hala Gąsienicowa – view of Granaty. March 12, 2023camera.topr.pl

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Weather in the mountains. “Deep Snowdrifts”

“There is a strong wind in the ridge parts, which makes it difficult to move around. The snow cover is varied – in places there are deep drifts of snow blown by the wind, elsewhere the snow is blown to an older, hard layer. In the morning and in shaded places, the snow is hard and frozen, while in the afternoon, in sunny places, it gets wet and disappearing.Such conditions require extensive experience in winter mountain tourism, possession of appropriate equipment such as crampons, ice ax, helmet, avalanche ABC – along with the ability to use it and a very good judgment of the local avalanche risk in the field” – reads the TPN announcement.

There is also a layer of snow on the lower-lying trails and access roads to shelters. When going on trips to the Tatra valleys, it is worth taking anti-slip poles and handles with you.

On Saturday morning, TOPR rescuers set out to help a man who spent the night in very difficult conditions in a steep terrain near the winter trail to the Valley of Five Polish Ponds. Rescuers reached the victim just after noon during the prevailing blizzard. It turned out that the man lost one of his shoes while wandering in deep snow off the trail. The tourist was brought down and taken to the Zakopane hospital.

Marking of hiking trailsPAP/Maria Samczuk

It sprinkled in the Karkonosze Mountains. The best skiing conditions this season

Over 20 centimeters of snow fell recently in places in Lower Silesia. Almost all ski slopes and lifts are open in Zieleniec. Ski conditions are currently the best this season. It is possible that they will last until Easter.

– Currently, the skiing conditions in Zieleniec are the best this season. […] The air temperature is almost perfect – minus 4.5 degrees Celsius. Skiers are happy – said Grzegorz Głód from the Winterpol station in Zieleniec.

In the Karkonosze Mountains, however, it can be dangerous in places. As in the Tatras, there is an avalanche “three”.

“As a result of cooling, the surface of the old snow becomes hard, frozen, and there is ice in places. Snow, combined with strong winds, is carried and deposited on the leeward sides, as a result of which dense boards 20-40 cm thick are formed. Avalanche danger occurs mainly in gullies glacial boilers, terrain niches, under terrain breaks and on steep slopes above the upper forest line. In many places, local variations in the thickness of the snow cover. Under the fresh snow, there is a layer of soft, moist snow after the last warmer period that prevailed in the mountains” – according to the statement of the local of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service.

Snow may still be coming – it is supposed to start falling again in the evening. The temperature in the higher parts of the mountains ranges from -10 to -6 degrees C, and in the lower parts from -4 to -2 degrees C. Tourist conditions on the trails remain difficult, as there is some icing.

Avalanches – a deadly threatPAP

Main photo source: camera.topr.pl

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