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Weather in the Tatra Mountains. Level 3 avalanche danger. TOPR: conditions in the mountains are very difficult

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The weather conditions in the Tatra Mountains have deteriorated. The Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service has announced the third degree of avalanche danger. The Monday announcement emphasized that “a dynamic increase in temperature during the day will negatively affect the stability of the snow cover, sunny slopes should be avoided.”

The third on a five-point scale (called “significant”) degree of avalanche danger in Tatra Mountains was announced due to the increase in air temperature. On Monday afternoon, it will apply in the peak parts, above 1,800 meters above sea level.

The Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service informed that “the snow cover on many steep slopes is moderately or weakly bound. Avalanche release is possible even with a small additional load, in particular on steep slopes indicated in the avalanche message. In some situations, large, and in rare cases also very large avalanches can go down on their own.”

TOPR: sunny slopes should be avoided

As it was emphasized, “a dynamic increase in temperature during the day will negatively affect the stability of the snow cover. Avoid sunny slopes, where the snow cover is significantly soaked with water, ‘ground’ avalanches (grassy ground) or wet avalanches should be expected in these sectors heavy snow.”

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Monday in the Tatras will be sunny. High in the Tatras, the temperature is expected to rise to 8 degrees Celsius, and in the valleys to 18 degrees Celsius.

The avalanche danger level 3 is also expected to be announced on Tuesday.

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The tourist conditions are “largely unfavorable. Moving requires a lot of experience and skills, as well as having a very high ability to assess the local avalanche risk. Steep slopes, especially those indicated in the avalanche report as unfavorable in terms of exposure or height, should be avoided. It is necessary to maintain elementary security measures” – we read in the information provided by TOPR.

Conditions in the Tatras “require a lot of experience in winter tourism”

The Tatra National Park reminded that the current conditions in the higher parts of the mountains require “extensive experience in winter mountain tourism and the ability to assess the local avalanche risk and have the appropriate equipment”. You should have crampons, an ice axe, a helmet and an avalanche ABC along with the ability to use it.

They also appealed not to enter the Tatra ponds. “Ice is thin and can break easily,” it said.

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