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Weather situation in Poland. The stormy morning is just the beginning

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The second day of the weekend brought us worse weather. Thunderstorms have been rolling over the country since the morning, with rainfall occurring in some regions. The cold front responsible for them will move southeast during the day, bringing further threats.

Poland is under the influence of the Xanthe low-pressure system, the center of which is located on the Baltic Sea on Sunday and is heading towards Finland – explained tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. In the morning, the associated cold front entered the northern regions of the country, and during the day it will head southeast, towards the Carpathians.

Its presence will be marked primarily by greater cloudiness, although it will bring rainfall in the north and east, and locally even thunderstorms. The front is pushed by cold polar air masses flowing from the north. It will be over the southern regions in the afternoon.

In the morning in Poland

On Sunday morning it is quite sunny in the southwest and south of the country. The sky is cloudy over the rest of the country, and there is rainfall from the eastern part of the coast to the Bay of Gdańsk and in Warmia. There are also morning thunderstorms locally.

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At 6 o'clock the thermometers showed from 6 degrees Celsius in Kielce, through 11 degrees C in Łódź and 13 degrees C in Warsaw to 16 degrees C in Słubice and Szczecin. The wind was weak and moderate from the south and west, stronger only in the north and in the foothills and mountains, gusting to 60 kilometers per hour on the coast and up to 100 km/h high in the mountains. The strongest gusts were recorded on Śnieżka, where 104 km/h were measured.

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