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Weather. The heat is going to Poland. When to expect them. Forecast for 5 days.

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The temperature will rise with each passing day. After the weekend, hot air from Africa will flow to Poland, raising the temperature in part of the country to 30 degrees Celsius. Then it will cool down for a while, but the heat – and a lot of it – will quickly remind us of itself.

Over the next 24 hours, Poland will remain in a low-pressure field covering the area from the Aegean Sea to the Baltic Sea and the southern tip of Scandinavia. An atmospheric front stretches over the eastern part of the country, bringing heavy clouds and rainfall of variable intensity, which in some places can be long-lasting, informs weather forecaster tvnmete.pl Daniel Kowalczyk.

He adds that the rest of Poland is located in a slightly cooler and moist polar air mass with favorable conditions for the development and uplift of cumulus clouds, which will also bring rain mainly in the afternoon on Saturday. storms.

Weather forecast for the weekend

Saturday in the east of the country will be cloudy, with rainfall of 5-10 liters of water per square meter. The rest of Poland will experience cloudy, moderate and heavy clouds with occasional rainfall up to 5-25 l/sqm. There will be thunderstorms in the northern regions. The maximum temperature will range from 19 degrees Celsius in Podlasie to 24 degrees Celsius in the center of the country. The wind will be north-west, weak and moderate, during storms it will be strong, with gusts accelerating to 60-80 kilometers per hour.

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Sunday will bring moderate to heavy clouds across the country. In the south and west it should not rain, apart from these periods there will be rainfall of 5-20 l / sq m, there will also be thunderstorms with hail. On thermometers we will see a maximum of 22 degrees C in the east, through 24 degrees C in central Poland, to 26 degrees C in the south-west. The west wind is generally weak and moderate, but strong winds during storms.

Rain forecast for the next few daysVentus

Heat the next week

At the beginning of the next week, as forecast by the forecaster, the low pressure from the Atlantic Ocean will move over the British Isles and together with the high pressure from the Apennine Peninsula will direct hot air from Africa to our region of the continent. The temperature in some regions will reach 30 degrees C. However, the heat will be displaced quite quickly by the air masses from the Atlantic, which will bring rainfall and storms and a drop in temperature by a few degrees in the second part of the week. On the horizon, however, there is a wave of very hot air that will come to Poland after June 25. Then a so-called heat plume is expected to form, reaching from Africa to northern Russia. The temperature in our country can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius.

Monday looks to be generally sunny. Only in the north-east it will be cloudy with more clear spells, there will also be showers of up to 5-15 l / sqm. and it may freeze. The maximum temperature will reach from 23 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 27 degrees C in the center of the country, to 28 degrees C in the region of Lower Silesia. The wind will blow from changing directions, weakly, only during storms strong.

On Tuesday, small and moderate cloudy clouds are forecast, which in the west of the country will start to grow towards the end of the day. Thunderstorms are possible in the west in the evening. Thermometers will show a maximum of 25 degrees C in the northeast, through 28 degrees C in the center, to 30 degrees C in the southwest. The wind will be weak, variable with a predominance of the south-east.

Wednesday will be cloudy and moderately cloudy. Everywhere except the north-east there will be showers, during which it will fall to 5-25 l/sqm. and thunderstorms with hail and strong winds with gusts up to 70-90 km/h. The maximum temperature will be from 26 degrees C in Western Pomerania to 29 degrees C in the central regions. The wind will be south and south-west, with the exception of thunderstorms, it will blow with weak and moderate force.

Forecast temperature for the next days

Forecast temperature for the next daysVentus

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki/PAP

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