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Weather. There will be a lot of warming over the weekend. It will be even a dozen or so degrees

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It will be extremely warm in Poland this weekend. The temperature in parts of the country will significantly exceed 10 degrees Celsius. Before that, we will still have a cold flow from northern Europe, and with it snowfall. – There will be two days with colder air – said the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, in “You get up and know”.

Almost all of Central Europe, as Tomasz Wasilewski pointed out, is “unusually warm”. Spring rather than winter weather also prevailed in the western and southern parts of the continent. However, cold remains in the north and northeast. The frost covers Scandinavia, Estonia, Latvia, partly Lithuania and Belarus, as well as Russia, where the temperature drops even below -30 degrees Celsius.

A low pressure has settled over the frosty part of Europe. As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter explained, “it is important because one of its fronts is located exactly over Poland.” That’s why there are rainfalls in many regions of the country on Wednesday morning. After this front passes, cold will flow into our country from the coldest areas of Europe.

Two cooler days

– Some of the cold from Scandinavia will reach northern and north-eastern Poland. (…) There will be two days with colder air, Wasilewski announced.

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The temperature during the day will be around 0 degrees Celsius, and there will be frost at night. As he emphasized, “we will feel some cooling, but there is no way there will be a hard frost.”

The emergency situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Big warming over the weekend

Over the next few days, the aura in our country will also be affected by the low pressure system that is currently over the Atlantic Ocean. Behind this low, as the presenter described, “there is warm air that is coming to us during the weekend.”

– Now it’s coming down cold. Later, the entire set of atmospheric fronts will move east, followed by another wave of very warm air, Wasilewski said.

How warm will it be? On Saturday and Sunday, even in the center of the country, thermometers will indicate 12 degrees, and in the southern regions 14-15 degrees C is possible. – This is a very significant warming, but it will be preceded by a drop in temperature in the next two days – Wasilewski emphasized on TVN24.

Forecast temperature in Warsaw from February 7 to 19tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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