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Weather. When will winter come back? It’s cooling down. “The weather will look completely different”

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When will winter come back? For now, as Tomasz Wasilewski pointed out in “You Get Up and Weekend”, spring is in Poland in the middle of January. The temperature reaches even around 10 degrees Celsius, and if it rains, it rains. A significant cooldown awaits us next week. – The scale of this winter is not yet precisely defined, but there will be a clear change – said the tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

The weather in Poland has been shaped by successive low pressure systems for several days. As Tomasz Wasilewski said on TVN24, the “most important” for our country is currently the one over Scotland on Saturday. – This is a very strong, large, active, deep than, which gives a lot of phenomena. (…). Around this low there is a very extensive and large zone of rainfall, which is sometimes quite strong and even torrential, described the tvnmeteo.pl presenter. He is moving towards Poland.

Than spoil the weather on Sunday

Before this – as Wasilewski described it – “great than” affects the aura in Poland on Sunday, on Saturday, the first day of the weekend, we will have a slight improvement in the weather after another of the low pressure systems has already moved over the northern Baltic and is weakening . This does not mean, however, that there will be no rain and strong winds.

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– Now the British, French, Dutch, Belgians are experiencing what we will get tomorrow – announced Wasilewski. Continuous rainfall is expected.

In addition to precipitation, heading towards our country than will also cause cooler air to flow. – The frost, which is far to the north (continent – ed.) behind the low, will start to turn first to Western Europe, and then to Central Europe – the presenter explained.

The bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

The return of winter in a mild edition

When will the unusual heat for this time of year end? In a graph showing the temperature trend over the next few days in in Warsaw, which also illustrates the situation throughout the country – as Wasilewski explained – until Thursday, January 19, the temperature “remains at a fairly high level”. Then the thermometers will start to show lower and lower values. At the beginning of next week, on Tuesday, January 24, around 0 degrees C is expected during the day and -3 degrees C at night.

– You can say that after January 20 something winter will happen. The scale of this winter is not yet precisely defined, but there will be a clear change – said Wasilewski. – The weather will look completely different, that is, it will not be so spring – he noted.

“There’s a chance that there will be a bit of winter, not harsh and huge, but it won’t look like spring in the middle of winter, because that’s what we’ve got at the moment,” he added.

Temperature trend in Warsawtvnmeteo.pl

Read also about predictions for the rest of winter in the synoptyka blog tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek.

Where is the frost

Frosty weather is currently starting just over the eastern border of Poland. The lowest temperature on the continent is in Russia, several degrees Celsius are indicated by thermometers in the north of Scandinavia and Iceland.

Warm air from the Atlantic Ocean flows over the rest of Europe, including Poland. – It goes deep into the continent and even in the morning we have six or seven degrees above zero – said the tvnmeteo.pl presenter. At the hottest point of the day on Saturday it will be up to 8 degrees C.

Main photo source: Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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