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Wędrzyn (Lubuskie Province). Police intervention in the temporary guarded center for foreigners in Wędrzyn. Police and Border Guard: migrants tried to break the fence

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A group of migrants from the guarded center in Wędrzyn tried to “break the fence in the building in which they were staying” – said a spokeswoman for the Nadodrzański Border Guard Unit, major Joanna Konieczniak. She added that these people chanted the word “freedom” outside, among other things. The police were called to the scene. Both Konieczna and the spokesman of the Voivodship Commander of the Police in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Deputy Inspector Marcin Maludy, who were present in Wędrzyn, said that the situation is now under control. The services, however, remain in the center and are negotiating with a part of this group.

On Thursday, there was a police intervention in a temporary guarded center for foreigners in Wędrzyn (Lubuskie Voivodeship). Sub-inspector Marcin Maludy, the press spokesman of the Provincial Police Commander in Gorzów Wielkopolski, said in an interview with TVN24 that the report was received after 3 p.m. “.


He stated that “it was evident that a group of over 200 people is very aggressive.” – We tried to prevent the situation when these people leave this temporary center – he explained. He added that none of the foreigners left the facility.

The spokesman said that those staying in the facility “tried to breach the fence of the temporary refugee center, there were also attempts to set fire to the objects located in the center”. He added that the attempt to destroy “one of the barracks” had failed.

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A spokeswoman for the Nadodrzański Border Guard Unit on the behavior of foreigners

The spokeswoman for the Nadodrzański Border Guard Unit, Major Joanna Konieczniak, informed that there were about 600 foreigners in the center.

– They are very dissatisfied with the fact that they are in a guarded center, they would like to be free. Therefore, they left the buildings and began chanting the words: freedom, freedom. They want to be free, unfortunately they are placed on the basis of a court order due to the fact that their stay in Poland was illegal, and they also tried to cross the Polish-German border illegally – she said.

Speaking about Thursday’s events, Konieczna said that the foreigners “tried to breach the fence in the building in which they were staying”. She added that talks with them were ongoing so that “they would calm down a little bit.” She stated that there is also a fire brigade on site – in addition to the Border Guard and the police that are called there.

– At the moment, as far as I know, the situation is under control – said the spokeswoman.

She also explained that some people have already returned to the buildings. – On the other hand, the most aggressive foreigners, who verbally express their reluctance to limit their freedom, are still outside and talks are being held with them – added Konieczniak.

A spokeswoman for the Border Guard in the Nadodrzański Branch of the Border Guard: talks are underway with the migrants from the center TVN24

Several hundred policemen in the center in Wędrzyn

Sub-inspector Maludy said that in the face of the situation and the lack of knowledge of how it might develop, the provincial commander of the police in Gorzów Wielkopolski decided to order a “police operation”. To support the police in Lubuskie, reinforcements are arriving from the riot police in Wrocław, Szczecin and Poznań. “It’s all about securing it,” he said.

A spokesman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gorzów Wielkopolski said later – around 8 p.m. – that about 500 officers had arrived, mainly from the prevention departments. Police negotiators are also there. He assessed that the situation is now “stabilized”.

Police about the situation in the center in Wędrzyn: there are over 500 officers on the spot

Police about the situation in the center in Wędrzyn: there are over 500 officers on the spotTVN24

Temporary center for foreigners in Wędrzyn

The guarded center for foreigners in Wędrzyn is temporary and was established at the beginning of September this year after the wave of illegal migration across the border with Belarus intensified.

Only men go to the center in Wędrzyn. As with other such facilities, this is done pursuant to a court order. Due to the guarded nature of the center, bars have been installed in the windows of the buildings in accordance with the applicable regulations.

>>> Report of representatives of the Human Rights Defender on visits to centers for foreigners. “They are like prisons”

At the end of October, the Office of the Ombudsman was published report on visits to centers for foreigners, including in Wędrzyn. The document states, inter alia, that “the housing conditions in TSOC (Temporary Guarded Center for Foreigners – ed.) In Wędrzyn should be assessed as very bad, not meeting the standards of decent treatment of persons deprived of liberty”. “Two residential buildings, divided into two wards each (the ward can hold a maximum of 150 people) resemble prisons, are surrounded by wire mesh” concertina “” – reported.

The post-visit report also stated that the people staying there “sleep on two-story bunks, the rooms lack any furniture except tables and stools”. “There are no covers in the windows of the living quarters, so the men stuck the windows with toilet paper. The barracks are untidy, and the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities also raises concerns. In the corridors and other common rooms, waste and cigarette butts are visible. bags “- calculated.

Main photo source: TVN24

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