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Węgierska Górka. She locked the deer on a private property, a policeman freed her

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The owner of the property in Węgierska Górka told the policeman that she had deliberately locked the young deer and fed it. The animal is already professionally cared for and will soon return to its natural habitat.

A policeman from the police station in Węgierska Górka in the Silesian Voivodeship, while performing his official duties in one of the houses, noticed that there was a young deer next to the fenced and closed property.

– He wanted to help her. He thought that the animal had entered a closed area and could not leave it. However, as he was walking along the fence looking for a passage, he noticed that the deer were deliberately kept there and that the gate was secured against opening with a wire. There were also food scraps on the property, which the deer were most likely fed with, the police reported.

They kept the deer on the property in Węgierska GórkaSilesian police

The 35-year-old owner of the property admitted that she had deliberately locked the animal. She couldn’t explain why she did it. She also assured her that she intended to release them.

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The policeman filed a motion to the court against the woman for violation of Article 51 of the hunting law. about keeping game without proper permission. There is a risk of a fine for this.

They kept the deer on the property in Węgierska GórkaSilesian police


The young wild animal is to lie in the grass and wait for its mother

The animal was transported to the “Mysikrólik” wildlife rehabilitation center in Bielsko-Biała. Agnieszka Łyczko from the center estimated that the roe deer was born this year and is healthy. – He is already in the outer box with our two young deer – said Łyczko. Soon it will be able to return to its natural environment.

– People on a walk sometimes see a little deer lying in the grass and take it with them in an empathetic response, thinking that their mother left her. The worst thing is to feed her with cow’s milk afterwards, because it ends with diarrhea. They behave in a similar way towards hares. Meanwhile, the task of a young animal is to lie in the grass and wait for its mother who has gone to get food. Until she is big and strong enough to follow her mother. She returns to the children with food usually in the morning and before dusk. Twice a day, not more often, so as not to reveal the shelter to predators – explains Łyczko.

Unless injured, the animal should be left alone. Then the man should alert the appropriate city or commune office or the police, and not transport the wild animal with his own transport.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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