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Wegorzewo. He slapped her in the face, called her names, dragged her and threatened to kill her. It was about changing the TV channel

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Police officers from Węgorzewo (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) detained a man who behaved aggressively towards the woman he lived with. The drunk partner called names, grabbed clothes, threatened with death, hit the 48-year-old woman several times in the face. The reason for such impetuous behavior turned out to be a change of TV channel.

On Sunday, around 14.30, the duty officer of the Węgorzewo police station directed a patrol to one of the families living in the Budry commune.

“It turned out that a frozen and terrified woman was standing in front of the house. As the officers found out, the man who lived with her called her names, grabbed her clothes, hit her face several times and threatened to kill her,” said senior aspirant Agnieszka Filipska from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Węgorzewo.

The reason for the aggression was changing the TV channel

As she added, the woman managed to break free from the hands of the torturer and escape from the apartment. However, the aggressor did not want to calm down, despite the intervention of the police. Filipska admitted that the only way to ensure the peace and safety of the 48-year-old was to separate the drunken brawler from the victim.

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The man was arrested and placed in custodyShutterstock

“The reason for the man’s nervous and aggressive behavior was an attempt to switch the TV channel. The 58-year-old was detained and placed in police custody” – the policewoman emphasized and noted that the intervening officers covered the residents with the Blue Card procedure and received a notification of abuse from the woman.

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