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Wejherowo. Krystek’s next case for sexual abuse of a minor is underway

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As a 16-year-old, she was to be sexually abused and blackmailed by Krystian W., commonly known as “Krystek”. The trial in the case is set to start in Wejherowo on Monday.

Another case in which Krystian W., pseudonym “Krystek”, also called “Teenager Hunter” by the media, will start on Monday at 10:40 in front of the District Court in Wejherowo.

The case came to light in 2021 when one of the women testifying as a witness in the main process “Krystka” admitted that she herself, as a 16-year-old, was to be sexually abused, intimidated and blackmailed by the accused. Her testimony was excluded from that trial, the testimony was considered a victim and the prosecutor’s office launched a separate investigation in her case.

“Kristek” in court. Behind bars for years

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These proceedings lasted until July 2022, when investigators filed an indictment to the court in Wejherowo for causing sexual intercourse by force. Krystian W. does not admit to these allegations. He faces 12 years in prison.

Krystian W. will be brought to the trial from prison. It came to him after On March 7, he was legally sentenced by the District Court in Gdańsk to 2.5 years in prison for engaging in online sexual contacts with two teenagers, one of whom later committed suicide. He himself did not appear to serve his sentence. Police officers detained him on Kusocińskiego Street in Wejherowo.

“Krystek” in the prosecutor’s office. Suspect in rape of teenage girl pleads not guilty

“Krystek” was supposed to force girls to have sex and then blackmail them with recordingsAttention TVN

One “Krystka” trial, 33 women injured

Previously, Krystek had served a three-year prison sentence for raping a 17-year-old girl. He was released from prison last November.

In front of the District Court in Wejherowo, the so-called “big” lawsuit against W. The man is accused of 65 crimes, including 40 of a sexual nature. He was supposed to have rape and sexual intercourse with girls under the age of 15. According to the prosecutor’s office, 33 women were injured, most of whom were underage and five were under the age of 15.

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