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Wejherowo. The police took the drunk man out of town. Investigation and disciplinary proceedings

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A police patrol from Wejherowo, during an intervention against a drunk man, was supposed to take him out of the city – RMF FM reported. The man was found in a ditch by a bystander who called the police. An investigation and disciplinary proceedings are ongoing in the case. Police officers face up to three years in prison.

Investigators initiated an investigation five days ago, but the injured party did not respond to their summons, RMF FM reported. At the same time, activities are carried out by police officers from the control department of the provincial headquarters and the Internal Affairs Office. According to the radio station, their findings resulted in the Wejherowo police chief initiating disciplinary proceedings against the officers involved in the intervention for violating official discipline.

“The policemen were suspended from performing their official duties, and the provincial commander initiated the procedure of expelling them from service,” it was reported.

Radio Gdańsk clarified that the police intervened against the 72-year-old after a quarrel in one of the apartments and left him in the forest. “The lying 72-year-old was found by a hunter and notified the services,” the Gdańsk radio station reported.

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Police on the control and suspension of police officers

The spokeswoman of the Provincial Police Commander in Gdańsk, Kom. Karina Kamińska, said that “immediately after receiving information about this incident, the Provincial Police Commander in Gdańsk immediately sent officers from the Control Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk to the site” and “inspection activities were immediately implemented” .

“The Police Internal Affairs Office and the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wejherowo were also notified. The District Police Commander in Wejherowo immediately initiated disciplinary proceedings against the officers, which showed that they had committed a gross violation of official discipline,” she confirmed.

Kamińska added that the police officers were suspended from their duties and the Provincial Police Commander in Gdańsk initiated the procedure of expelling them from service. “There is no place in the ranks of the Police for this type of behavior, which is contrary to ethics and certainly has nothing to do with serving people, to which every policeman is called,” it was noted.

The prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings

The spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk, prosecutor Grażyna Wawryniuk, informed that the materials in this case were received by the prosecutor’s office on December 28. – The prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings under Article 231 of the Penal Code – she added. This is about police officers exceeding their powers and failing to fulfill their duties.

§ 1. A public official who, exceeding his or her powers or failing to fulfill his or her duties, acts to the detriment of the public or private interest shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years. (…)

Wawryniuk confirmed that the injured party was given a summons for questioning on the spot, but he has not yet shown up. She added that the officers are trying to determine the man’s whereabouts. She stated that the injured party had almost two per mille of alcohol during the intervention.

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