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Wejherowo. They learned how to manage a hospital in a crisis situation. From specialists in Israel

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At the Florian Ceynowa Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo, the training “Management of a hospital in a crisis situation” was organized. They were conducted by experts from Israel. It is intended to support Polish personnel in making decisions in a situation where a sudden and one-off increase in the number of patients in a state of life and health threat will end up in the emergency department, as in the case of a terrorist attack or a communication catastrophe.

– Specialists from Israel are the best in the world and if you learn, you learn from the best – that’s how Marek Rutka, MP of the New Left and chairman of the parliamentary team for the emergency medical system and a member of the parliamentary health committee, summed up the crisis management course at the Florian Ceynowa Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo.

The training – which was scheduled for July 17 and 18 – was organized by the ELNET Foundation in cooperation with the Rambam School of Trauma & Mass Casualties and Pomeranian Hospitals and is aimed at strengthening the system of responding to potential threats in Polish hospitals. Polish experts managing hospitals could gain new skills and knowledge in the field of crisis management.

– This project is another example of practical Polish-Israeli cooperation based on common needs and values. The Israeli approach to crisis management is based primarily on preventive measures, such as preparing institutions, personnel and citizens for every possible scenario. In addition, due to living in constant danger, Israelis have developed a number of solutions proven in crisis situations, which they openly share with experts around the world – emphasizes Marta Kubica, president of the ELNET Foundation, which is responsible for the visit of Israeli doctors in Wejherowo.

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They lead the world

Haifa’s Rambam Hospital is at the forefront of the world in knowledge related to injuries, emergencies and high casualty situations, according to the release. This translates into statistics – the mortality rate of patients with severe injuries in Rambam is the lowest in Israel.

The training is to help strengthen the system of responding to potential threats and increase the security of citizens.

– We are talking here about transport disasters, even bus disasters, but we also have to be prepared in our reality for diversionary attacks or terrorist attacks – said Rutka.

Specialist Hospital Florian Ceynowa in Wejherowotvn24

They want to share knowledge

As stated in the announcement, the training is addressed to the management staff of hospitals and emergency departments from all over Poland. Participants are trained in in improving the organization of the hospital, including the organization of the emergency department, the implementation of triage in the case of mass events with many victims with numerous and large wounds.

– We have a lot of specialist knowledge about emergency situations and work on triage of the wounded, and we believe that the knowledge we have managed to collect is not only ours, that we should share it for the benefit of humanity – said Prof. Michael Halberthal, director of Rambam Hospital in Haifa. He added that this is not a one-sided cooperation. “We can learn something too,” he said.

In the fall of this year, the next stage of training in a larger and more practical dimension is to take place. Also with the use of the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

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