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Well-known, valued and respected people encourage you to participate in the march on June 4. “We just have to be there”

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It will not be a political march for which party activists are brought. It is a civic march, and people known, valued, respected and not only from politics are encouraged to take part. On June 4, a march of free people will pass through the streets of Warsaw, and not – as Antoni Macierewicz put it – “agencies”.

The march on June 4 from Na Rozdrożu Square in Warsaw to the Old Town is supposed to be a protest and mobilization before the elections. – The march is about the fact that we are fed up, that we want change. Enough of this power, enough of what is happening in Poland, enough of this apathy, enough of this clumsiness, enough of this theft – says Jan Grabiec, MP of the Civic Platform.

Graphics and video clips are appearing on the Internet encouraging people to participate in the march. Some are created by the Civic Platform, others by people who are not associated with the official profiles of the party.

– Today you know that we just have to be there. It’s not just celebrating an important anniversary – says actress Maja Ostaszewska on one of the recordings. – Let’s do something that depends on us – encourages actor Andrzej Seweryn, referring to the words of Stanislaw Wyspianski.

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The leader of the Civic Platform also encourages participation in the march. – On June 4, on Sunday, there will be a sea of ​​white and red flags and we will do such public consultations for them that they have not seen before – he said. Donald Tusk in a published recording.

About the march in Brussels

The appointment of a special commission with the help of which PiS can eliminate the opposition, and mainly Donald Tusk, from public life is simply the first chord of the dictatorship, opposition politicians emphasize. – Polish democracy will not survive the third term of PiS – says Radosław Sikorski, MEP of the Civic Platform.

Opposition MEPs also spoke about the march during a special debate in the European Parliament. – You will see the strength of Polish society, you will see it. Be with us – assured Andrzej Halicki, MEP of the Civic Platform. We are going with thousands of Polish citizens to the march in Warsaw – emphasized Łukasz Kohut, MEP of the New Left.

The case of the commission appointed by PiS mobilizes to protest. The march will also pass by the Presidential Palace. – This is a provocation against Poles. People don’t like someone trying to determine the outcome of the election, believes Jan Grabiec, an MP from the Civic Platform.

This is how PiS responds to the march

PiS responds to the march with either disregard or accusations. – This is a great march, which is supposed to be a march of agents – Antoni Macierewicz, MP from Law and Justice, said on Radio WNET.

Scandalous PiS spot on the march on June 4. President Andrzej Duda reactedJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

Opposition politicians advise that instead of spoiling your nerves with the comments of the rulers, it is better to just laugh at them. – Mr Antoni Macierewicz, as usual, in a good mood – ironically Piotr Zgorzelski, deputy speaker of the Sejm, member of the Polish People’s Party. – If there is ever a march of agents, Antoni Macierewicz will probably lead it – assesses Dariusz Klimczak, a member of the Polish People’s Party.

The leaders of Poland 2050 and the Polish People’s Party announced their participation in the Sunday march. The Left had no doubts either. – Democracy is our common value, June 4 is our common holiday – recalls Magdalena Biejat, an MP from the Left.

Participation in the march was also announced by the Polish Teachers’ Union and AgroUnia – We know that such protests can change a lot – emphasizes Michał Kołodziejczak from AgroUnia.

Local government officials from various parts of the country are also expected to attend the march. – Yes, I’m going. I had no doubts that you must participate in this march – says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań. – 61 coaches were organized from the Silesian Voivodeship – informs Wojciech Saługa, MP of Platforma Obywatelska. – We say “no” to all activities that are aimed at democracy – adds Maria Materla, councilor of the Silesian Voivodeship, Self-Government Movement “Yes! For Poland”.

The march is intended to be the beginning of the opposition’s road to electoral victory.

June 4 march route

June 4 march routeTVN24

Main photo source: TVN facts

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