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“Wesele” – a new film by Wojciech Smarzowski [O CZYM JEST; OBSADA; DATA PREMIERY]

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Wojciech Smarzowski is shooting another “Wedding”. One of the most original creators of Polish cinematography returns with a film which he himself describes as “a story about manipulating emotions and a warning against hate speech”. The same title – “The Wedding” – was Smarzowski’s 2004 debut.

Wojciech Smarzowski once again in his career he reaches for the theme of weddings. As in the case of “Wesele” from 2004 – his famous feature debut – this time he looks at contemporary Poland from the perspective of a party in honor of the bride and groom. The latest film by Smarzowski, the creators of, among others, “Róża” or “Wołynia”, once again shows the bitter truth about contemporary Poles. However, as the distributor confirms, in both “Weddings” by Smarzowski we will not find common heroes or threads.

“Wesele” by Wojciech Smarzowski – what is the film about?

“Wesele” from 2021 is – as we read in the description provided by the distributor – “a story of love so strong that it crosses borders, does not fit within and is stronger than all barriers. It is a sincere view of the contemporary world, as well as a dramatic journey into a past that will not be indifferent to anyone. ” The director himself described the film as “a story about manipulating emotions and a warning against hate speech”. At a wedding, like many in Poland, we meet a bride in advanced pregnancy (Michalina Łabacz), who watches with concern the antics of her newly married husband (Przemysław Przestrzelski)

The parents of the bride are played by Agata Kulesza and Robert Więckiewicz. The father is a local businessman whose life interests hang in the balance, which distracts him from his daughter’s wedding. And it is not only about big money, but also about the happiness of loved ones.

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“With every minute, emotions grow and the deepest feelings are revived, the stories of turbulent loves of old and new lovers permeate each other. Gradually, the boundary between what used to be and what is now is being lost. The secrets of the past are revealed, winding a spiral of evil from which there is no escape. Few people manage to see more than ‘their own’ truths. And if it does, it is most often hidden – in fear of the consequences and exposure. Dawn will find the heroes in a different condition, emotional state and with different baggage of experiences. Only one thing is certain – everyone will have to deal with this wedding hangover on their own “- we read in the description of the film.

Michalina Łabacz and Przemysław Przestrzelski in Wojciech Smarzowski’s “Wesele”photo: Marcin Szpak / Kino Świat

“Wesele” with a star cast

Smarzowski has managed to get us used to the fact that, next to the big names of Polish cinema, he focuses on new acting talents he is discovering. In “Wesele” we will see Przemysław Przestrzelski in the role of the groom, this year’s graduate of the Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow, actor of the Stary Teatr im. Helena Modrzejewska in Krakow. As reported by Film Polski, the role in Smarzowski is Przestrzelski’s feature debut. Also for Agata Turkot, who plays one of the supporting roles, “Wesele” will be a cinema debut. The actress may be associated with viewers of TVN series “Motive” and “Na knoż”.

In addition to Łabacz, Przestrzelski, Turkot, Więckiewicz and Kulesza, the film features: Arkadiusz Jakubik, Andrzej Chyra, Ryszard Ronczewski, Tomasz Schuchardt, Mateusz Więcławek.

You will be able to see one of the episodic roles Krzysztof Kowalewski. This is one of the last roles of the great actor who died on February 6, 2021.

To create another story, Smarzowski invited, among others, proven collaborators from previous films. The cinematographer is Piotr Sobociński jr (“Wołyń”, “Róża”, “Drogówka”), the music was composed by Mikołaj Trzaska, the creator of the path to several previous films by the director and screenwriter.

The planned premiere of the film is October 8 this year.

Main photo source: photo: Marcin Szpak / Kino Świat

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